Saturday, November 29, 2014

My Thanksgiving

 My Thanksgiving was so wonderful.  It may have been the best Thanksgiving ever.  I have had many Thanksgivings but something was different this year.  It was not that we were blessed this year more than years past but it was definitely how I looked at this year compared to others.  

This year was filled with such JOY.  Joy for all that has been given and Joy for all that has been taken away.  I have so much to be grateful for this year.  I sat and counted and began to lose track of the number due how much He has blessed me.  

I guess some may feel that I need to not boast but because of Him and all he has done, for that I boast for that I will tell others, for that I will not keep quiet.  I will not stop telling of all that He has done and all He promise to do.  

This year I spoke to my children about the Pilgrims and all they went through to be able to Worship God.  I spoke of Squanto the Indian who was taken from his home to finally return many many years later to his home, and be able to help the Pilgrims.  

Nothing happened back then and nothing happens now that God does not know about.  

I am amazed at how God can take even the bad things that happen like a mother not talking to you,  lost friendships, diagnoses that no mom wants to hear, and the list goes on and on and do such great healing.  This year above all others I have learned to not look at my situation but at him and then stop and  praise Him in all things.  Hard yes, everytime no, but I'm still learning.

This year I have learned to stop and find His blessings in all things.  Some of these things have been hard.  Some of them have hurt and yet in all of them I have seen his hand.  

Here are some pictures from My Thanksgiving Day.  It started off with David and Keisha running a 5k.  It ended with me counting my blessing for my husband, for my children, for friends, for hurts and even for broken relationships.  Yes a lot has happened but in all things I will Praise Him.  For He is good all the time.

(These are people that mean more to me than they will ever know)
Oh how I love this guy.  He makes me smile like no other human has ever been able to do.  He still, to this day, makes my heart skip a beat when I see him across the room.  He is so special to me! 

 Not my favorite picture but the days of hiding behind the camera are gone.  I want my children to have memories of their momma.  

This girl is such a daddy's girl! Boy does her daddy love that!!

 Matt and Kristie have the best Chaperon.  D is always between them.   
We had a total of 19 people for Thanksgiving.  God had the exact number of people at our house.  We enjoyed every ones company.  It was such a blast.  

Thank you Lord for my family.  I love them so much.  Thank you for my Wonderful Husband who is truly the best.  Thank you that even though I mess up, you still love me.  Forever I am yours.