Monday, May 30, 2011

adoption fundraiser dinner

We have been raising funds to help with adopting D and C.  We had an adoption dinner to help raise money.  I'm still not able to talk about it because of how upsetting it is.  I will one day take the time to write down all the details but for now we are just doing a lot of praying and relying on Him for his direction and guidance.  Here are some pictures from the dinner.

We are forever grateful to those who have helped us in our time of extreme need.  God has been so faithful and we are hoping to celebrate with all our family and friends very soon when we have finished this process and D and C are legally our son and daughter.  Please continue to keep us in your prayers this has been one of the most challenging time we have ever been through.                                          

Tons of others were there but we were busy talking and forgot to take more pictures :)Posted by Picasa

Fun in the Sun????

The kids got a pool from their sisters.  When the sisters came home from college they brought with them a pool for the kids.  The sun was out but it was very wind.  The kids, or should I say Jelissa, could not wait to put water in the pool.  So even though my kids lips were purple and they were shaking when they came inside.....they had a blast.                                                                          

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Air Force Graduation

I get to live here.  I'm so blessed

Every year we get to watch the Thunder Birds during the Air Force Graduation.  D is such a typical boy.  He loves anything swords, guns, planes, pirates, Narnian, and trains.  So this year was extra special to take the kids to see the planes.  They had so much fun and I enjoyed watching C and D eyes wide open excited about every thing they saw.  It is exciting to see my kiddo eyes light up.  Enjoying every moment.              

taking after his momma he enjoys taking pictures.  His sister  gave him  a camera to use and I have enjoyed looking at pictures from his perspective.

Family Day @ Focus on the Family

Focus on the family had a Family Day recently where they had tons of free stuff and discounts on everything in the bookstore.  We took the kids and one of my favorite families joined us.  We had a blast.

They gave out free ice cream but the line was long....but it was for ice cream so it was worth it :)

Some of my favorite people.  She loves her daddy!

Allison goes to MPC with us and is our favorite ice cream server.

D has recently watched Narnia and has fallen in love with everything Narnia.  We have been to Focus tons of times but due to his love of the movie, the Narnia room sent him over the top with giggles and happiness.  

the smile on this little girl makes my heart so happy.  C I  love you so much and I'm so glad I get to be your mommy!

Bible Man & Bible Girl

I searched high and low for both of these costumes because my boy wanted to be bible man so bad.  I went to several different bible stores looking for these costumes and after 3 different places I finally brought home these fun costumes for the kiddos.   It was hard to get the kids to take them off so many stores have seen bible girl and bible man in them lately.   Fun Fun Days with my kiddos.    Posted by Picasa