Sunday, November 29, 2009

Thanksgiving Week

Wow Thanksgiving rocked. Kristie was home from college and the family was "one" again. Kristie brought home 4 kids plus Dillion from Ozark for Thanksgiving. Lonzo came into town and fit into our family routen like he lived with us all his life. The boys Skyler and Nolen were so fun to hang out with. These boys love the Lord and live for Him in actions, and words. It was fun to just hang out and eat, talk, play rock band, and worship the Lord together. Thanksgiving Day Lonzo did a devo and Nolen lead worship and for over an hour we just talked and song thanksgiving to out Lord and Savior. It was one of the best Thanksgiving I can remember. God has been so good to my family and I could not stop thanking about how "Great is our God".

Friday, November 27, 2009

Rock Band

Lonzo has won the hearts of my children. Cynthia thinks he is the best thing since bananas, and she loves bananas. He was trying to jam with the kids. They had a full band...Cynthia our singer, Darius our drummer, and the fearless leader Lonzo. The kids had a great time. They loved hanging out and playing. I finally pulled Cynthia and Darius away so that I could read to them, put pjs on and put them to bed at a reasonable time. Life is good

Monday, November 23, 2009

Am I willing to give it all up?

Have you ever sat back and wondered if God is telling you something that you're not sure you really want to hear or that you can do...
I have been listening to God whisper in my ear "Monica are you willing to give it all up"? I keep telling Him I am, but am I .
I have been listening for two weeks at church to families that are adopting children from Africa. I don't feel God is calling David and I to adopt kids from Africa but I do feel that God is calling.
I see ....babies, toddlers, older kids
I see ....those who give up their lives, their comfortable American lives, to do whatever it takes to help these kids
"Monica are you willing to give it all up"?
Am I?

Thursday, November 5, 2009

Harvest Fest

Yes I know this is past due but better late than never :)

Darius was so excited to be a cowboy. He looked so cute running around with his cowboy outfit on. Cynthia was the cutiest cow ever. She won the hearts of all who saw her.

Kristie was home and enjoyed hanging out with friends and her sisters.

Joe was a graduate. She was lovin on the cow whenever she got a chance. She loves her sister.