Sunday, January 31, 2010

Church, sick kids, air band, apple bread = Sunday

Church:  Although I was missing over half of my family church was great.  I did not even get to go but had an amazing time with the kids.  I can't believe I get to do the job I get to do.  Teaching the kids on Sundays is amazing and makes my week worth every minute.  I'm so glad that I am hooked on my great God.  He captured my heart and I never want it back.  I hope I make you proud, I strive everyday to.  I wait for the day to hear you say "well done Monica, come on in I have prepared a room just for you".

Sick Kids:  both the kids are still sick.  Cynthia has been so cranky that her personality has change drastically.  I'm waiting for my sweet little girl to return.  I will update you on her arrival. Darius seems to be feeling better.  He has been dancing around the house all day and was very mad that I did not take him to church.  He woke up this morning as i was leaving and said mom we go to church today?  I told him no he could not go with me because he was sick.  He then asked me if he could go to work with me?  Tricky little boy.

Air band:  All I have to say is Keisha on guitar, Jelissa on the drums, Darius with the mic, and Cynthia dancing in circles all to "we will we will rock you" sung with out any music.  They rocked it!!

Apple Bread:  I decided to make 5 loaves of apple bread to freeze and have for toast at breakfast.  Breakfast is the one meal that I hate cooking.  I really don't do mornings very well.  I have tried for years to like mornings and the answer is "nope" still don't.   

Though for the Day:  Will I choose this day to show those around me the Love of Christ?  Will I choose today to love those that are unlovable?  Will I choose not to be prideful, not to be selfish, and instead be His hand and feet to this very broken world?    

Saturday, January 30, 2010

Quality time

Well today has been a good day.  I got to hang out at home with the sick kiddos and love on them.  We just hung out all morning and even took a nap together. (my idea of fun...nap)  Then later in the afternoon I decided to get my baking out of the way.  We ended up baking 5 loaves of bread and some cinnamon rolls. Darius seems to love cooking.  Everytime I'm in the kitchen he comes running.  He loves to help mom grind our flour and make wheat.  He comes into the kitchen all the time and says "mom you making flour yet?"  I think he loves eating the bread dough which I think is gross.  Anyway here are a couple of pictures of our event. 

Sorry about the quality of these they were took with David's cell phone.  :)
 This is a picture of us grinding flour, Darius' favorite thing to do in the kitchen

Thought for the day:  As for me and my house we shall serve the all we do!

Friday, January 29, 2010


What is Bronchiolitis?
Bronchiolitis is a common illness of the respiratory tract caused by an infection that affects the tiny airways, called the bronchioles, that lead to the lungs.  As these airways become inflamed, they swell and fill with mucus, making breathing difficult.  It is usually caused by a viral infection, most commonly respiratory syncytial virus aka (RSV)

So why the medical info?  This is what both by little babies have.  Additionally, Cynthia has an ear infection in both ears.

With both kiddos sick life has been very different in our house.  I've tried to keep things disinfected around our house to stop the spreading of all the germs.  Both of the kids have been very cranky, which makes mom very cranky.  The older girls were gone most of the day leaving me to wipe most of the runny noses.  With that said I got lots of cuddle time today.  Cynthia is not generally a cuddly baby but today mom was all she wanted.  Darius although cranky had plenty of energy and keep me on my toes.  

Thought for the day:  We can all get sick.  It's what we do when we are sick that leads to wellness.  Spiritual sickness comes from lack of quality and quantity time with God.  Have you spent time with the Healer today?

Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Less than 3 hours

Well I went to bed fairly early last night because David had to go into work at 10 pm last night.  I don't generally sleep very well when David is not close by but I was not alone.  I had the cutest little 2 year old boy laying next to me.  He wanted to sleep in his mommies bed and I was not going to say no to that precious little boy.  Well, all seemed to go well until about 1:30am.  Darius woke up and did not go back to bed until around 5am.  He has had a cold for several days and because of that was having a hard time breathing.  He cried most of the 4 hours he was awake.  David got home around 3am and took over.  I was extremely tired and could not figure out why he was not sleeping.  During all the commotion in the house he woke up his little sister who was then awake for over and hour.
The one thing i believe God created especially for me is sleep.  i love sleep.  I love naps.  Can't explain it but I do.  Last night I did not get the sleep I needed or wanted so with that said I'm signing off the blog world to get some well needed sleep.

Thought:  Jesus is the only cure for my spiritual blindness.

Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Chili & Cornbread

Nothing really exciting happened today.  I have been taking care of two little ones who are not feeling good.  I have also been feeling under the weather so cleaning house is not on my list of things to do.  Well, I decided to make some comfort food tonight.  I left work early put a pot of chili on the stove and a pan of cornbread in the oven.  I laid on the coach and watched t.v. most of the evening and wiped noses.  
Jelissa got her car back today so she is staying at her house for the first time in about 3 months.  Although I'm glad she has her car and that she will get all her stuff from all over my house....I will miss her.  

Thank you God for all your blessing.  You are so faithful.  

Thought for the day: 
You will serve someone in your life: money, job, spouse, self, God.
 Chose today whom you will serve.  As for me and my family we will serve the Lord.  

Monday, January 25, 2010

I'm not Happy

Recently when my 2 year old does not get what he wants or when one of his sisters makes him mad he says with great expression "I'm not happy".  It's very interesting to me that within his short 2 1/2 years he seems to believe that it is our job "others" to make him happy.

I'm not blog about this to say that I should not do things to make my son happy, to make my husband happy, to make my girls happy, but I am blogging to say when we grow up wanting...needing...others to make us happy we end up living a distorted life.  Others can not fulfill the God whole that each of us has.  Without God in our life, without full reliance on God, and without looking for Him for what true happiness really is none of us can really be happy.

So what to do?  My 2 year old thinks that he needs to be happy.  I want my little boy to live a happy life.  I want him to look back on his childhood and think "I had a great childhood and I was a happy boy."  But is that all?  No, I want my son to know that true happiness lies in  his relationship with Christ.  True happiness comes from following His Savior and live in eternity with the King of King and the Lord of Lord.
Now that's real  happiness.

Thought for the day: 
Whose agenda am I trying to follow Jesus or mine?  

Sweet Memories

This picture was taken the very first day that Darius came home to live with us.  So Small...So cute... and an instant hit in our house.  He captured the hearts of his 3 older sisters with one look.  I look back and can not believe that he will be 3 in March.  This little boy has rocked our world and we are loving every minute of it.  I can not imagine out life without him.  God has truly blessed us.

This second picture was taken the night we came home from South Dakota with Cynthia.  She was so beautiful.  Her brother immediately wanted to show her how much he loved her.  Again our family grew, again our hearts grew, and again God blessed us.  Cynthia has had the best temperament of any baby I raised.  She was easy going and cried very little.  She now loves her brother more than he would like sometimes.  She wants to do everything he does and wants to be everywhere she is.  She is the boss most of the times and her temperament has changed to do it or I will yell, which drives me crazy :)

Sweet memories.  I never want a day to go by that I forget to thank God for my children, all my children.  I sometimes get caught in the moment and forget that these kids have been placed in my home for a reason.  i have a responsibility to raise my 5 children the way the Lord wants me to, because they really belong to Him...not me.  Wow that changes things.  They have been put in my possession for such a short time, although 18 years can seem long it is not.  I need to make the best out of everyday.
Thanks for entrusting me with these 5 very special kids God, I hope I don't let you down.

Though for the day:  
Faith strengthening comes from sharing my faith.  Who have I (you) shared your faith with lately?

Sunday, January 24, 2010

Friday, Saturday, Sunday

So I woke up last night at 4 am and realized that it has been several days since I blogged.  I am trying to blog everyday and keep a record of thing that have happened in my life.  With that said here is the jest of what happened the past few days.

FRIDAY:  Date night with the hubby.  Thurday was his actual birthday so we planned a date night.  We went out to see a movie that I will not endorse even if Focus on the Family does, because we normally NEVER watch rate R movies.  With that said we liked the movie theme, but not the language or the violence. 
Upward games started this Saturday so I was nervous about how Saturday was going to go.  After our movie we went out to the church to go over things and make sure things were in there place.  We got home around midnight.

SATURDAY:  Upward started.  It went very well.  Had the occasional irratation with people but over all it was a great start.  We got lots of good comments and the kids seemed to have a great time. 
I then went out to with Carol S. for lunch.  We talked a lot about how to make my office more Darius & Cynthia friendly.  I'm excited about all the ideas we came up with. 
While with Carol I got a phone call from Nate telling me that they were admitting Hannah with RSV into the hospital.  She is only 3 weeks and I could just understand what Anastasia was going through.  I decided to go up and sit with them at the hospital for a few hours.  I enjoyed my time and believe I helped give the illusion that time was going fast after I arrived, which helps when you in the hospital.  Hopefully I helped. 

SUNDAY:  Church was good.  Barry was honest and to the point.  He is a good communicator that I enjoy listening to him.  With that said it was a very difficult Sunday.  I know many families that are having many different issues and it hurt my heart.  I had a hard time.  I watch the kids in my ministry suffer because of adult choices and I watch many other adults make decisions that will affect them the rest of their life.  It is hard for me to watch and to understand sometimes.  I'm now adopting a new saying "I can't fix stupid", thanks Julie G.  Parents need to stop being stupid and think about there kids when they make choices. 

I have friends at church that I love dearly and I'm glad they are part of my life.  It makes these kinds of Sundays easier. 

Thought for the day: 
How willing am I to obey God when sometimes  He takes me to a place that I may look foolish?

Thursday, January 21, 2010

Happy Birthday Baby

Today is my sweet, sweet husband's birthday.  I thought I would get up and do some baking and be ready for him when he got home from work, but that is not what happened.  I was so tired all day.  I got up early and then decided to lay Darius down for a nap around 11am.  Well, I did get him to sleep...but I feel asleep too.  I got up took Jelissa to work and finally about 4 pm I decided to start baking.

I made a great dinner and baked a cake for him.  We had some friends over and played rock band.  I had a lazy day today and enjoyed it very much.

Well my hubby turned 40 today.  I can't believe that I get to spend the rest of my life with my best friend.  I can't imagine my life without him.  He is the best thing that has ever happen to me.  I love him more than life itself.

David you are a great husband and an even greater lover of God.  Thanks for loving God more than me it makes you even sexier.  You lead our family with such integrity.  You are my hero.
Kiss, Kiss, Hug, Hug

Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Please prayer for my son

Darius is going to the allergy doctor tomorrow to get some test done.  His mom is a little worried about it hurting.  Pray for him and for her to be strong.  Darius has had  problems with milk since he was a baby, and has been on soy milk.  He has been able to eat milk products up till recently.  Now he has been getting back rashes on his entire body.  We know that some of it is caused from food but we are not sure what has recently happened to make it so his skin burns due to it being broke out so bad.  We have been using cream that does help but it stills comes back.  I want to know if there is something I'm feeding him or if he needs to stay away from certain animals.  I don't know exactly what they are going to do to him and that worries me.   Please pray that we will find out exactly whats going on with our precious little boy.  Please pray that the appointment goes smooth. Please pray that his mom and dad are strong for him.

Monday, January 18, 2010


"I'm amazed by you...Lord I am amazed by you...Lord I'm amazed by you, the way you love me."

I totally love that song, and truly God amazes me all the time in the way that He loves and cares for me and my family.

I received a call from Kristie today letting me know that she has received enough money that she only has a little over $500 owed for this semester.  This is amazing because we thought she would have a bill of over $2500.  Kristie was excited and felt like a weight was lifted off of her.  She has several families whom she babysits for and can easily make the money to pay off the bill.

We have had many financial situations this past year and yet God has been so faithful to the Livingston's.  I am amazed that God continues to love me and show His love even when I let Him down.  I'm amazed by you God..the way you love me.

"God's glory shines brightest in impossible situation" 

Sunday, January 17, 2010

Morning by Morning New Mercies I See

I love Sundays.  I love being with the body of Christ.  I love going to the church building to meet with the Church.  I had a very long weekend and yet when I woke up this morning I was excited about going and seeing those in the body that I'm closest with.  
I love that I get to teach the kids on Sunday's morning.  Their hearts are so pure.  They are like sponges soaking up the word of God. I hope that daily I'm soaking up the word of God.  

Today, in kids church we were talking about talking with God.  Yes, praying.  How can you know someone you don't talk to regularly.  Not only did we talk about praying we talked about how to pray.
P- Praise God and who he is
R- Recognize who we are...sinners
A- Ask God for forgiveness for the sins we commit and then forgiving those who sin against us
Y- you and others- then pray for yourself and for others.

My hope is that I spend more time talking to my heavenly father this week than I did last week  

Saturday, January 16, 2010

Little Bit

Just how cute is this precious little girls.  Little Bit is 18 months and getting sweeter by the day.  We are teaching her sign language and she is picking up words by the day.  Today her favorite sign is "I love You".  She has been in her room playing and then would run out and sign I love you.  She is now starting to say a few words, finally, and when she gets to the word you she yells "ow".  Cute

Little Bit's personality is changing daily.  She has always loved her brother more than any toy she owns, but now she has began to laugh at everything he does.  D loves all the attention that he get from his little sister.

Today he comes running into the living room and says "mom I love my sissy".   This does not surprise me since she basically worships the ground he walks on.

I love you more today than I did yesterday and will love you even more tomorrow.  Thanks for being part of our family baby Cynthia.  I am a happier person because you are in my life.  

Thursday, January 14, 2010


It's time to say goodbye again.  Kristie is leaving on Saturday.  Jelissa has put her application in at Lincoln and it looks like she will be leaving in August.  Lakeisha is getting all her stuff ready for Ozark and she will be leaving for Ozark in August.  Wow from 5 to 3 in one year.  Life is changing very fast for us.  I love my girls so very much.  They have grown up to be beautiful young women that I am very proud of.  God has been so faithful and so "there" for the past 18 years.  

Help us grow closer to you Lord...Daily

Wednesday, January 13, 2010

God is Good...All the Time God Is Good

I'm not feeling very well tonight so this is going to be short.

As I was getting ready to blog my husband is walking out of our bedroom with my empty bowl of soup.  We came home from church and he ran me a bath and fixed me some soup.  I just keep thinking to myself  "self"  you are so blessed.  You have such a great husband.  He is so good to you.  So tonight all I have to say is thank you David for being such a good husband.  You are truly a blessing to me.  I love you more than you will ever know.  Thanks for being my Knight in Shining Armor.  I can't even imagine my life without you.

God you are so good, all the time you are good.

Tuesday, January 12, 2010


Yes, I did it.  I finally pulled something over on my husband.  It's my birthday today and my husbands is on the 21st.  When could I throw him a surprise party without him ever figure what I was up to?  Yep...throw the party on my birthday, have him think that it's a surprise birthday party for me thrown by a friend, and act like you are clueless.  I did my part to a tee.

My husband takes me out for dinner and then has me close my eyes for while he drives me around town to, what he thinks is an unknown place to me.  Then he helps me out of the car and helps me up to the door, remember my eyes are closed.  Then the front door opens up and all the people shout "Surprise David!!!"

$38 dollar cake, $50 on food, $20 on a babysitter....the look on my husband's face PRICELESS
Happy birthday Baby, I love you with all my heart.  Hope you have a great birthday.  

Monday, January 11, 2010

New meaning to tired

The phrase "a mothers job is never done" is truer today than yesterday.  I had a wonderful Sunday with friends and family yesterday.  I went to bed feeling very fulfilled and ready to take on the Monday.  As I dosed off to sleep it dawned on my that 2 very important things were missing from my home....Jelissa and Kristie.  Know most of you know that these are my oldest two children who no longer officially live at home.  As a small side note they are both currently staying at home until 1) Kristie goes back to school 2) Jelissa gets a car so she has a ride to work.  As I laid in the bed wondering when my little girls might get home my mind begin to play tricks on me.  What is they had broke down, what if someone had stolen them, what if the next knock on the door is a sheriffs knock.  

Yes I know that all the scriptures that many of you are now quoting in you mind to tell me...and yes I started saying them all.  That really did help until 1:30am.  I then proceeded to jump out of the bed and start calling my girls.  After maybe 10 call and no answer I went back to bed and prayed.  

I honestly tried to lay this at the feet of my savior and rely on the comfort only He can give but my thoughts were not helping.  "Lord please just let them call".   I finally woke up Keisha and had her call the friends cell they were with.  

Yes the girls were fine, yes they were just hanging out have a good time, yes they were being the good girls I raised and not getting into trouble but I was scared.  I got on the phone proceeded to let them know that I was trying to sleep but would not be able to do that until they were home safe and then told them I loved them and hung up. 

The girls came wondering in about 2:18 am, yes I do know the exact time since I was starring at the clock half the night.  They get all their stuff ready for bed and go to watch tv.  I decided not to go into the living room and tell them that I could hear the tv in my room because I was just glad they were home.  That would be another battle for another day.

As I lay my head on the pillow the dog starts making some weird noise that finally upset me so that David got up and took her outside.  Problem back to the sleeping thing.  Oh is that Darius I hear calling my name.  By the time he goes back to sleep it is after 3 am.  Dog is now outside barking so David gets back up and brings her back into the room.  

My mind finally begins to relax I feel myself starting to drift into a nice relaxing breathing pattern when I look over at the clock and it says 4:02am.  Yes its going to be a wonderful day.

And maybe I failed to mention this part..I'm turning 38 on Tuesday.  I'm old and I need my sleep.  : )

Sunday, January 10, 2010


I don't know why I still get amazed when God works my life and issues all out.  I know that He is my provider and that He will always take care of me, but I am still amazed when I see Him at work.  As many of you know David and I have been down to 1 car between the two of us and Jelissa.  This has cause a lot of shuffling  in our schedule...mostly David's.  Well, we are currently still looking for 2 vehicles but God has provided.  Someone at church is letting us use a car for a little while.  With Kristie going back to school we are hoping that Jelissa will get a car in the next couple of weeks and then when we get out taxes we can get a second car for us.

I have to admit it has been a very hard year financially with everything breaking at one time and different changes happening in our house.  The one thing I can say is I serve a very faithful God.  He is always there and has always providing.

I want to end by saying I have a great husband who is always there and is always looking at the bright side of every situation.  I have 3 beautiful teen daughters who are living for the Lord and surrendering all they have to Him.  I have a handsome little boy who keeps me on my toes and never fails to make me laugh.  And finally I have a precious little girl who with one look can melt my heart.  I love my life and I love my family, but most of all I love my Heavenly Father who gives me strength to carry on when sometimes the load seems way to heavy.

Thanks you Lord for choosing me and loving me like I've never been loved before.  

Saturday, January 9, 2010

Bring it on

Kristie and I went to a self defense class today and had a great time.  We learned how to break a person's nose along with many other ways of stopping a person from touching you.  Interesting enough 2 guys walked in  on me at the church last Wednesday and acted very strange as they followed me around the church some.  Although everything turned out ok it taught me a couple of lessons and made me aware of things I have not thought about recently.  
Kristie and I were very excited when we came home.  We were wanting to show David all we had learned.  I would recommend everyone to take a similar class if they can.  I definitely recommend moms sending their little girls off to college to have them take a class like the one we took today. 
One thing that I know for sure if 2 guys walk in on me again they will see a very different women they say on Wednesday.  I know how to break a nose now...  

Friday, January 8, 2010

Sleepy Time

I feel like I have just been going and going today.  Darius had one of his days were listening to mom was just not on his agenda.  I finally had enough and off to be he went, before 8pm.  I went into his room several times to put him back to bed and on 3 different occasions I found him butt naked.  There is nothing worse than walking into a bedroom and finding your son and taken off his PJ's and Diaper.  Now I could have been a calm, loving, understanding mom, but I was not.  He got a spanking and was sent to bed.  Obvious it was not that big of a deal because he did it 2 more time with spankings coming on all accounts.

Now if you know me at all you know that spanking is just not my thing.  I don't like doing it and it makes me feel bad when I do.  Well, I need to assure you that I'm feeling fine.  And the precious little 2year old has finally fallen to sleep.

I'm about to fall asleep so I guess I will end with this....Boy are from Mars and Girls are from Venus, of this I'm pretty sure of now, and God has a great since of humor.


Thursday, January 7, 2010

Christmas 2009

Where are all the pictures of our 2009 Christmas?  Well I have an answer for you....on my computer finally.  So I realize that Christmas might be gone and most of you that would read this blog have already posted all your pictures and memories but here are a few moments in the Livingston family.
                                                                                                         Cynthia Got Her First Baby-she loves it  

Darius had been asking Santa for a "Train Present"  He was so excited we could not get him to open any other gifts.

Krisite asked for a phone and was very surprised when her parents go her a really nice phone verses the cheap one she thought we might get her.

This is the only picture that we ended up getting of Keisha, and although she does not look like she was enjoying her self she got the presents that she wanted...a new lap top and a tripod.

Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Secret Presents

So have you ever tried to purchase a gift for you husband and keep it a secret for over 21 days? We that is were I'm at right now. David's Birthday is on the 21st of January and I am having the hardest time keeping his present a secret. Not only am I having a hard time so are those who know what it is.

Last night Jelissa comes up to me and shows me her facebook page, where my mom has wish my husband happy birthday and tells him that she hopes that he likes the present I got him. Which is really nice except that his birthday is several weeks away and she tells him what I got him. With a lot of deleting from facebook and from his email I finally got all the evidence erased but not before I had to tell him what I was doing.

I know that he will like his gift but I don't want him to see it for another 16 days. I have a hard time keeping secrets so i hope that I can wait to give it to him.

By the way if your reading this David no looking around in the children's building on Sunday's (just kidding).

Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Raising Arrows

I guess it seems that I been blogging a lot about my kids.  Guess what today is no different.  I was reading a blog tonight that was taking about raising kids and how difficult it can be.  Believe me after 8 hours in my office with both my little kids with me I know about difficult.  I want to love bring my kids to work.  I want to think good thoughts about working at a church where they allow me to be a working mom and a take your kids to work mom.  I love my kids.  I love spending time with them, but some days, like today, I come home very tired and worn out.   

Then it dawns on me.  I'm not just raising kids, I'm raising arrows.  Right now these arrows can not go far.  I want to raise my son to be a light for Christ.  I want him to lead his family the way the Lord instructs him.  I want Cynthia to be a modest, totally in love with her savior, beautiful women.  I'm raising arrows that will one day shot off into the world to shine their light for Christ.  That is my job!  That is my God given, God ordained role to my children.  

Yes it is hard.  Yes is making me gray headed.  Yes I wonder sometimes if I'm doing the right think, and then I realize that yes this is my season, this is my life, this is where I want to be.

May the kids that leave the Livingston home be lights to this world and look to God for His direction in their lives as they leave our home.

Monday, January 4, 2010

Bible Thumping Momma

Well, I went to bible study tonight and enjoyed myself very much. I enjoy studying God's word. It never fails me what God shows me every time I open his word. I also get to take my baby girl, Keisha with me. I never want my kids to look back on their upbringing and wonder whether their mom was a women who studied her bible. I have decided that I want to be the mom that when I die my kids put on my tomb stone "Here lies our Bible Thumping Momma".

Sunday, January 3, 2010


Well, the time has finally come....Potty Training. So lets be honest what do I know about training a boy? Nothing. If you don't open the leg right guess what happens? Yep pee come straight out all over the innocent person in front of him. Did you realize that you can train a boy two ways, stand up or sitting down. Did you know that a person can buy items that can be place in the bottom of the toilet as targets for little boys to practice their aim. When ever he hits his sister he does not seem to have a problem with aim, but with toilet training he has no accuracy.
So we have all the items we need: pull-ups, big boy under wear, 2 potties one for home one for work, a toilet seat that sits inside a adult seat, kando wipes, and disinfecting wipes and a potty training book that offers me no good information. I'm ready to go. Darius has been going potty ever hour for 4 days now.

He has had several ups and downs but the funniest story happened right at the beginning. We got ready to take Darius to the potty and as we are going down the hall I'm explaining what he needs to do when we get into the bathroom. he seems to understand completely. Darius sits down on the Elmo potty push out 3 drops of pee looks up at me with a huge grin on his face, with hands raised up and says "Ta-Da". Watching as this boy's brain develops I am beginning to understand a lot about the opposite sex.

Any Given Day

At the Livingston's house you can find us doing just about anything.  I try and have my camera available to take picture all the time because you never know what I might snap a shot of.  Here are a few pictures I have taken lately.  

Cynthia is so silly.  She loves Dora and loves to wear D's trick or treat bag on her head.

Dress up has come to be the kids favorite things to do.  

Iron-man with a Pickle.  

Saturday, January 2, 2010

Are those Santa Cookies

So with Christmas gone I have sat back and thought about some of the memories that have just made my laugh from the inside out. One of my favorite stories happened with Darius after Christmas day. Not a day goes by that I don't sit back and laugh at something that boy says or does.
Christmas Eve Darius made cookies to leave out for Santa. He was very excited to sit with his Nene (AKA Kristie) and put the cookies on the pan. He made sure to make chocolate chip cookies, because he heard from a source close to Santa that they are his favorite. With done and on the plate Darius left the cookies for the white bearded man. The next morning, at the the surprise of Darius, the cookies were gone. In fact, Santa even left him a little note and drew him a picture. That little boy could not be happier.
Several days letter Kristie decided to made some cookies late at night for a little snack. Darius got up the next morning and walk into the kitchen, where Kristie left the cookies out on the pan, and with a big smile and great excitement he said "are those Santa cookies". Sadly we had to say no.

Friday, January 1, 2010


Wow I can hardly believe that it is now 2010. I love that we get to enter a new year with great anticipation of what our great God is going to do. I look back on 2009 and can not believe how much our family has changed and how much God has blessed the Livingstons. Here is just a few of the things that happened this year

Jelissa: In July the oldest of the Livingston clan moved out and into her own apartment. She decided to not go to college this year but rather take a year off. She worked at Safeway and learned that she can spend just as much as she earns :) Jelissa learned may lessons this year but has learned that staying close to the Lord is one decision that she will never regret. Jelissa always challenges me and pushes buttons with me that I never even knew I had but my life would never be complete without her. She is a great girl with great life ahead of her.

Kristie: Well, in August I had to do one of the things I never thought I could do..I let my little girl go off to college. I cried almost all the way home wondering about how I had just had a piece of my heart torn out of my body and left in another state. Kristie missed home just as much as she was missed. I received a phone call everyday and enjoyed many hours of conversation with her while she was gone. I found that the relationship that was developing with my little girl was one that was going to be deeper more real than anything I could imagine with one of my girls.

Lakeisha: has been my right hand girl since the twins moved out. I look at Keisha daily and wonder if she could possibly get any more beautiful. She has a personality that that is so strong. She is a girl who knows what she wants and goes for it. She has acted in several plays this year and went away to become a California girl last summer. She came back more grown than when she left. She can definitely handle what ever comes her way. She is now getting ready for college and is so ready to made the transition. She is as beautiful on the inside as she is on the outside. I could not be more proud of the way she handles herself and how she always looks to make those around her better and does not look to tear down She is a blessing to out family that is worth its weight in gold

Darius: My hands would get tired typing about this precious little boy. He brings more joy to our family than we could have ever anticipated. I look at that boy everyday and wonder why God loves me so much that He allows me to be his mother. He has so much energy and so much excitement for the world that we can hardly keep up. He has learned to that being polite gets him almost everything he wants. He tells all his sisters and mom and dad daily that he loves them more than the moon. He is a snugly boy who loves trains, and was excited that Santa brought him one.

Cynthia: This little girl is so sweet and so loving that it hard to believe that she is my little girl. Cynthia has learned so much from her brother that on some days I want to slow her growth down. She has grown up so much this year. She learned to walk and is now beginning to talk. She has taken stake on her daddy's heart and yells at Lakeisha when she sits on his lap. She does not like her daddy to come into a room without picking her up. Our family would not be complete without her.

David: David is truly is the best husband ever. He is the best dad I know and is very active in our family lives. In addition to working full time in the computer world David is right by my side as I work in children's ministry. David is a blessing from the Lord. I can't imagine my life without him. I feel so blessed with all that the Lord has done for me and my family. I am excited to see what the Lord is going to do in 2010.

My God Dream in 2010 is that me and my children will continue to grow closer to the Lord and will live our lives so that others will question us....and then we can tell them about our great God.