Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Again I cried...

I did it again.  I have done it now everyday for 10days.  That is exactly the amount of days that I have dropped my baby boy off at school.  You see this school thing has been almost more that I can handle.  

He is my Baby Boy you know!!

I love him so much and if almost kills me when I have to drop him off at school.  
You would think that is the reason for the tears.  


Everyday when I drop my son off he goes through the same routine.  As we drive into the parking lot he undoes his seat belt and anxiously  awaits one of the teachers to open our car door and let him out.  He hopes every morning that it is Ms Car, his music teacher that will do it, He loves Ms Car(which is interesting since he has only seen her once since starting school)

Anyway, he jumps out of the car puts on his backpack says good by to me and takes off running.  He goes in one set of doors and comes out another set of doors and then runs to the building where his class is.  

But for a brief second before he goes into the second building he scans the parking lot looking for my car and when he finds it he smiles, waves, and yells "I love you Mom".  

Ok Im getting emotional just typing this.  I know he is in kindergarten and that most kids this age still love their momma but I love this routine my boy has.  

I love being that little boys momma more than breath.  

Although it has been the hardest thing I have done in that little boys life, sending him to school, he loves it and is doing phenomenal.  

Im sure I will be blogging a lot about school this year as we learn to travel this road not traveled much by the Livingston's.....Public School!

1st Day of School

Saturday, August 25, 2012


Wow, after talking with a friend I realized that it has been a long time since I blogged.  I kept asking myself why and I could only come up with one answer.  My reasoning for blogging had changed from its original intent and it was not fun anymore.  
When I first starting blogging it was for me.  It was a place that I could record things going on in my life with my family and especially with my kids.  I had fun blogging.  I loved taking pictures and talking about all the crazy things my kids said and did.  

Then I started reading, coveting, a ton of blogs.  

This made me feel like my life and what I was doing was really not interesting.  So I begin to stop blogging.  If I had not come up with some amazing craft for my kids or taken them some place every kid wanted to go I begin to feel like I was not a good mom.  
What if that day had not been all rainbows and gumdrops?  
What if I had cereal for dinner instead of cooking some Martha Stewart dinner?  
What would people think? 

The funny thing is I enjoy loving on my kids and playing cars on the floor and eating cereal out of cups, if there are not any dishes clean and guess what.....


This is my crazy life and I  love it. 
 I have the best 6 kids any mom could ever wish for
 I have the most amazing man that I get to call my best friend & husband 
and I am loved by my God regardless of a spot clean house, great field trips or organic food.  

I am going to start blogging again for my family and for me.  I am not going to be posting my blogs to facebook because honestly I don't really want those people reading anyway.  And finally this is my blog about my family so I will be posting the good the bad and maybe even the ugly.