Monday, December 26, 2011

26 alphabetical things Im thankful for...counting the blessings

Here are 26 things alphabetically that I'm thankful for.

Ability to spend Christmas with all my kids

Bath toys for kids to enjoy
Eternal life to come
Friendships that endure
Gifts under our tree
Husband who is my best friend
Interesting conversations with older girls

My mom and our renewing relationship
Nickole my good friend who is always there

Oven that works to cook holiday food
Papa who loves my kids
Quiet time all alone to reflect
Relaxing week off of work
Time laughing with my family
Understanding and patience from my heavenly father

Victory over certain negative thoughts
Wonderful view of mountains given by my heavenly father

X the spot where God has put me and the comfort of being happy with that spot

Yesterdays real reason for the season, Jesus

Zeal, excitement for the coming year and all God has for us as a family, as a married couple, just for me HIS daughter whom HE loves!

Thursday, December 22, 2011


I took the kiddos sledding for the first time today. I know, I know, what a shame first time sledding....I will be very honest in saying I'm not a play in the snow gal. Don't get me wrong I love snow but I prefer to watch it from the inside of my house.
I did hit a fence and crash a couple of times but I had a blast sledding with the kids. I think Darius had the most fun.

Mini van Express

On Sunday night I had the opportunity to plan what turned out to be an amazingly fun night with my kids.

It started with popping popcorn getting hot chocolate ready and in the van. I had Christmas music blasting from the van when I begin to act like I was hearing something. What was it you was a train :)

I then told the kids to go check their room to see if there was something in there. They ran back to their room to find a planted ticket, being held by a stuff bear, which gave them access to a ride on the "mini van express".

We all got our coats on and were greeted at the door of the van by the conductor, Dad, who punched our tickets to get in.

Nazarene Bible College was putting on a light show and Santa was also there. We drove through the lights and then headed to Seven Falls where we meet our good friend the Julians.

It was an amazing night of fun, pretend, and taking about Jesus and the amazing gift He gave us. We had a great night and it will be something we do again. Love sweet time with my family when it turns out and everyone enjoys themselves.

Friday, December 2, 2011

My Heart

Living in the house with a boy is AMAZING!  I love looking around after the kids go to bed and finding things like this.  D has stolen my heart since day one.  I absolutely love that kid!  He is my Heart.

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Thursday, December 1, 2011