Sunday, November 14, 2010

He says the darnest things!!

My son literally makes me laugh everyday. I can hardly believe some of the things that come out of his mouth. Here are just a couple of the things he said today...
1. Mom my borehead head hurts. (for some reason he can not say forehead)
2. Tonight while we were looking at a magazine he said that he would like some of that apple pine. (yes my son does like pineapples, but for some reason can't he can't say the word right)

On a side note my litle girl is learning manners. We always make D. Say excuss me when he is trying to get someones attention. So he is always trying to interrupt David and I when we are talk "excuss me mommy or excuss me daddy," which he continue to say until you stop and give him you full attention.
Today on our way to church and D gone to his friend, "C" yells from the back of the van "Excuss me". She has never said that so I turned around to see what she wanted...apparently she knows the words but has no idea why her brother yells them all the time, she looked baffled as to what to say next :)

Saturday, November 13, 2010

When D's away the three will play!!

"D" went over to his friends, Eugene's house, to spend the night tonight so David and I got some one on one time with our baby girl.  She loves having her mommy and daddy to herself.  We decided to play a game, which she loved.  

Pampered Chef Bingo

Yep, I played and no I did not win, but I did win a raffle.  We had fun that's all that matters.

Hair Cut

FINALLY, Yes finally I made time to get my hair cut.  I wait so long between hair cuts that by the time I go in I look terrible.  Kenny, my hair dresser, gives me a great discount but I just get so busy that I keep putting it off.  Finally my husband calls and makes me an appointment  because he gets tired of hearing me say I need to call Kenny.  I might not have blogged about this but my girls wanted me to take pictures so they could see it, so I did, any reason to blog :)


Melting Pot=happy birthday

Mrs "N"  birthday was this past Thursday.  What better way to celebrate then at the Melting Pot-fonduing.  We had so much fun we could hardly contain ourselves.  We talked, we laughed, and yes we sang.  We sang songs you would know and we sang song I had never heard of.  Songs that came to mind were one about a potato, a song about the titanic, and a song about little bubbles, and just for the record the titanic song is not a Christian song(inside joke).  

We ended up not doing a full meal only cheese and chocolate but it was more food than 3 women needed to eat, but we did a really good job trying.  

I can hardly believe how much fun we had.  I love hanging out with these ladies.  We end up closing down the places we are at every time we go out.  When Mrs D's husband asked her what time she would be home she told him that she could give him a time but every time she does she's wrong :)
David has gotten to the point where he just texts me to make sure I'm ok.  

Can't wait for the next birthday...which is mine :)

D's Halloween Pictures

I did not get any pictures of my boy on Halloween.  My friend Nickole was around him after he went trick or treating with his sisters and she took some pictures for me.  He went to Awana's and then was picked up by a friend so by the time these pictures were taken he was tired and had eaten more than his share of can be seen on his costume :)  "D" collected  tons of candy but most of it ended up in Joplin with Kristie.  

Friday, November 5, 2010


Here are the pictures that were taken of Darius. He is such a funny boy. I love this boy so much. He makes his momma and daddy laugh everyday. He is truly a blessing from God.


I had a friend take my kiddo's 2 and 3 year old pictures for me. She was able to capture my baby girl like no other pictures we have taken. I absolutely love everyone of the shots she took.

Harvest Fest

Here are a few pictures of Harvest Fest. It was a great turn out. We had a great time. Over 500 people came out to the church. There were a few really weird people there too :)
Darius went to Awana's and came half way throughout the harvest fest so I forgot to get pictures (naughty mommy). A friend of mine did get a picture of him tricker treating so I post it when I get it. Until then here are a few pictures from the night.

Thursday, November 4, 2010

Carving Pumpkins

The girls brought home the greatest group of kids from Ozark.  David and I enjoyed every minute with all of them.