Tuesday, June 29, 2010

What's your love language???

So if you don't know this about me already my love language is quality time.  
Actually it's just time.  
As long as David and I are in the same room I love it.  I don't even care if I'm doing dishes or he's folding clothes we are together and I feel good.  
Well, my best friend and lover and been working weird hours that past 2 weeks and tonight will not be home until around 4 or 5 in the morning. 
(if you are some weird person reading this I want you to know I have a gun and know how to use it) 
Anyway, it sucks.  
He came home tonight for dinner which was a welcome surprise, but then I had to say by again :(   
It's weird to think about my life before him how incomplete I was. 
 Thanks baby for being mine, I love you so very much.  
"Come home to Me soon". 

So what is your love language?  

Sunday, June 27, 2010

Monday Meanderings--My Week @ a Glance

Bible Study - Beth Moore-Psalms of Ascent & Ruth Study

Memory Verse - Psalms 121

Husband Encouragement 

* Set aside some alone time for us. (Trying again for this-did not do good last week)

* Be supportive about how long and how much he has to be a work.

* Making sure he feels encouraged and uplifted this week- He is doing some late nights work this week and we both hate it when he works late

Train Them Up

* start some regular bible time with the kids
* plan an an outing for them- possibly fox run park this week heard they have (Thursday)
*Keep working with "C" about yelling
*Keep working with "D" with potty training and obey the 1st time told something

Personal Goals

* Get up before kids.

* Stay up with my Beth Moore Study and Ruth Study

New Habit of the Month 

* Continue to follow the new list of "things to do before"
* Continue to keep up with dinner planning and food budget- Big deal for me

Zone -  Top of Cabinet and Top of Refrigerator

Menu-I will be cooking with my Crock pot or pressure cooker all week

M - Crock pot Beans, spinach and strawberry salad, cornbread

T - Company Chicken, Brown Rice, Green Beans

W - Enchilada Casserole, chips and salsa

Th - Creamy chicken & Corn Soup, Homemade Focaccia Bread 

F - Cal-zones, green salad
I'm going to do my baking on Friday
Saturday- Sky Sox Game-Picnic Stuff

Sunday- Crock pot Roasted Tomato-Basil Soup & Grill Cheese 

FUN Things

* We are going to splurge and take our whole family to the Sky Sox Game on Saturday.  We are planning of tale gating and having a picnic in the grass.  Did I mention the "WHOLE FAMILY"

3 things I'm thankful for today

1.  Great conversation with Krisite2.  Keisha coming home from camp safe
3.  God's Promises

Thursday, June 24, 2010


I can't actually figure out why some people do what they do or why some people say what they say.  

God created each of us in his image.  Why then are some people always looking to be like someone else.  Why are some so worried about what others think.  Are you my friend?  If not let me change how I talk or act just so we can be friends.  Dumb if you ask me.

Crazy right?  YES.  It bothers me so much to be around people who are not real.  If you are always looking for approval from others maybe its because you don't know who you are in Christ.  Stop looking for approval everywhere except where it really matters Christ.  

I might not alway be completely comfortable in my own skin but I don't change my personality to make someone else happy.  I am who I am, and God created me this way.   

I am changing everyday to be more like Christ and this is a great thing because it helps me to deal with those around me better.  I hope through scripture study and pray that my number one goal is to be like Christ.  I want to be who He created me to be.  I want to be comfortable in my own skin comfortable enough to say its ok if everyone does not like me, not everyone like Jesus either.  

I want to live life loving on others and telling them about my great God.  I want to live an authentic life of worship to my Great God not ever pretending to be someone I'm not.    

Wednesday, June 23, 2010

5 things I'm glad I Know

Here is a list of things I'm glad I realize...some have taken me longer to get

1. Love is a choice not just a feeling. 
(I forget this sometimes)

2. God can do what seems impossible.
I'm so glad for this because I've been known to put God in a my box and I'm so glad that He is much bigger than my box.  He is the creator of Heaven and Earth.  I serve a BIG God!!!!

3. Never do for a child what they can do for themselves.
Still forget this one :O

4. Feed your husband before you talk to him about important decisions.  
(Don't hit him up with all that has happened as soon as he walks through the door.  It's better to let him unwind a little.)

5. If two people are exactly alike than one of them is not needed. In other words, being different is a good thing.
David and I love a lot of the same things but we are very different....We compliment each other well.  

Sunday, June 20, 2010

Monday Menandering- My week at a glance

Bible Study - Beth Moore-Psalms of Ascent

Memory Verse - Phil 2:5
"Your attitude should be the same that Christ Jesus had."

Husband Encouragement

* Continue to get his stuff ready for the next day

* Set aside some alone time for us.

* Be supportive about how long and how much he has to be a work.

Train Them Up

* start some regular bible time with the kids
* plan an an outing for them (Thursday)
*Keep working with "C" about yelling
*Keep working with "D" with potty training and obey the 1st time told something

Personal Goals

* Get up before kids.

* Stay up with my Beth Moore Study

New Habit of the Month

* Continue to follow the new list of "things to do before"

Zone - kitchen


M - steaks, grilled potatoes, veggie

T - Beef Chimichangas (did not make these last week), chips and salsa

W - Tuna sandwiches, pickles, chips

Th - chicken tortilla soup,

F - Pizza

Saturday- Taco chicken Salad

Sunday- Chili Dogs, fresh fruit

FUN Things

* I'm planning on going out with some lady friends this week, girls night out.  Looking forward to that. 

3 things I'm thankful for today: It has been a very hard week for me.  I am very thankful for a great husband and great friends
1.  My husband- he has just been amazing
2.  Nickole- brought me a miracle shake this week :)
3.  Bethanne- many good phone calls and checking up on me

Sunday, June 13, 2010

It's goooooooddddd!!

I had the chance to watch Bruce Almighty again a couple of night ago and like the first time it makes me laugh so hard at parts.  One of the things Bruce says often is "that is good", however he draws out the word good, a lot. 

As I was getting my kids ready for bed tonight I begin to think about my life and different things that have happen the pass couple day.  I was rubbing Darius with lotion and like normal the kid was cracking me up.  Both the little kids are not feeling well so my man had to say home from church with them.  When I can home he had all the laundry done and our messy room clean.  Kristie came home this weekend and spent some well needed time with her twin, which blessed my heart tremendously.  Keisha, is learning everyday that life gets more and more complicated the older you get and  Jelissa is learning how to balance her time between what she wants to do and what she needs to do. 

As I was getting the kids ready for bed all I could think about is my life is "gggooooooddd", very good.  God has blessed me, until my cup runnith over with pure joy, to be his child. 

No David and I are not taken the cruise we talked about taking once our kids were out of the house, and graduated, because our cup is still over flowing.  Cynthia and Darius are a blessing I would never had thought possible, but my God knew it. 

He changed my plans and boy am I glad He did. 

Life is "GGGOoOoOoDDD"

Saturday, June 12, 2010

God has great timing

We have been in this house for over 7 years and have had the same neighbors the whole time.  We have never known any of them, for what I believed was good reasons.  We wave say hi during the summer and that was about it.  Well, God had been telling me that we needed to get out of our comfort zone and meet some of our neighbors.  What better way to get to know your neighbors than a yard sale.  One thing lead to another and we got the opportunity to invite our next door neighbors over to night for dinner.  

Tiffany looks to be about 20, and Joe around 25.  They have one daughter Cynthia's age and a little boy due August 1st.  They live with his mother who we have meet a few times.  

I decided after meeting Tiffany a week ago that we needed to get to know them.  So on Tuesday I saw them getting out of their truck and I waved to them and then went over and invited them to dinner Saturday night.  Lakeisha and David were standing by our van when I went back over and told them that the neighbors were coming over at 5:30 on Saturday. 

Keisha is so funny, she says I didn't think they would say yes.  

Well, they did and the rest is history.  I was able to get a few things together of Darius' for her new baby coming and we had a great time.  Yes David and I are old.  Yes David is old enough to be there dad, but we had a great time.  

We laughed, we told stories, we enjoyed each others company, and we planned a yard sale.

As I sit here and write this blog it's amazing how God works.  He just wants us to listen to him and He will do the rest.  We found out that Joe's mom is getting ready to move to Mississippi and they will be living in the house soon all by themselves.  By July they will not have any family here and they are expecting their second baby.  

God's timing is so good.  I feel God has connected us with these 2 young people for a reason.  If it is only to plant a seed in their lives I'm so glad He is using us to do it.  

 Please lift Joe, Tiffany, Alexis, and their unborn son  up in your prayers as they begin this new life without his mom and on their own.     

Thursday, June 10, 2010

Ramblings of a Mom

Many of us had wonderful fathers as an example of what we might look for in our husbands.  That is not me.  My dad knew nothing about being a dad and less about what it took to be a husband.  Even after 38 years that is one of those things that I always wanted...an earthly father, a God fearing earthly father.  

Well, my dad passed away 2 years this coming November, and boy that has been harder on me than I could have ever imagined.  It really hits hard when someone dies and you are not sure where they are spending eternity.  I have my ideas but I can't allow my mind to wonder there to often, it's very painful.   

I believe my dad loved me it was just in this weird way that only he really understood.  

As a mother I think about how much I really love my kids.  They are so very important to me.  I want their lives to be different from mine.  I want them to know that their mom and their dad love them with everything we have and are.  

This leads me to a new thought.  As a mom I try and say and convey my love to my children everyday, because I feel this is so important.  I want them to know that I love them no matter what, even when they make mistakes.  
As I think about my father and I think about our relationship it has brought something to my mind....
Just how important it is for a father to have a deep relationship with his daughter.  

This does not mean that Mom can just sit back and leave all the nurturing to the dad but that when a girl grows up it is the relationship with her father that will help her with major decisions in her life like....picking a husband.   

Your mate can be a huge determining factor in life.  We all want our girls to grown up and marry men who love them, protect them, a man who is the head of his family like Christ is the Church.  Picking the guy is big...

Picking the guy I believe starts at home with the relationship between a father and his daughter.  

I could blog all day on this one, I have 3 girls who will all be looking for mate in years to come.  Please don't misunderstand me as a mother we have just as much responsibilities.

As a women who has made my choice of big mistakes I want to encourage moms and dads to leave a legacy for our kids.  A legacy that they will carry on to our grandchildren and their children.  Remember that without Christ we can do nothing.  Remember to share your faith with your kids.  Remember to share Christ from the rising of the sun to its going down.  

Every choice we make is important.  

What do you think?  What are you doing to leave a legacy for your kids?  Have you had to break cycles in your family to ensure you leave different legacies for your children?  

Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Go away!!!

I thought that I heard and saw somewhere that it was summer.  Well, apparently my kiddos did not get the memo that sickness is suppose to take a break. 

Not in our house.  In fact every kid who lives here is sick.  Cynthia started us out and then Keisha got it and yesterday Darius joined the elite group. 

They have runny noses, horrible coughs, fevers ranging from 101.5 to 102.4, and lets not forget the exciting diapers I'm getting to change :(

So, I get to sit on the couch with 2 very cranky kids, did I mention cranky kids,  and watch Barney Yeah....(not) 

Go away sickness!!!


Cynthia is watching TV.  Her nose has been wiped so much that it hurts every time we wipe it now.  Poor baby.   

Darius with his Dog pillow. 

Ok, no one tell Keisha that I took this picture of her while she was sleeping.  She has been really sick for 2 days now.  She was suppose to be going to Como with a friend but is not going to be able to go tommorow.  She is scheduled to go Sunday, to Como, for a week so I hope she is better by than. 

Monday, June 7, 2010

My week at a glance

Bible Study: Still going through "already gone" great book but very sad... I'm still needing to get the Beth Moore study prepared before its time to lead it.

Memory Verse:  Phil 2:5 this is going to end up being a new life verse since I can't seem to keep my attitude right.

Husband Encouragement
1st thing I need to say is my husband rocks.  He brings me so much joy.  I am so blessed to be spending this life with that man.  So with that said..
*  I want to remember to be my husbands #1 cheerleader- he's great so this should be easy but I forget to tell him as often as he deserves.
*  Remember to always hug and kiss him when he gets home--I need to remember this week to stop what I'm doing and go to him, instead of him finding me when he gets home.  I make the kids do this but I'm generally am trying to fix dinner and I don't stop.
*  Stop this week several times and give him long hugs---he loves this and it shows him that he is the most important thing to me on this earth.

Training them up
Darius: I need to stay consistant with him.  I also want to play more table games with him, he is learning patience from playing

Cynthia: She is in the yelling stage and it's driving me crazy.  I need to stay on her about it.  I need to stay consistant.  (See a theme here)

Personal Goal
*Set some time aside for a cup of tea and a good book
*Keep up with my current schedule-even if I'm so tierd by bed
*Set aside some more time to blog- I'm really not use to the new schedule so I have just been so tierd every night that after I complete my list of things to do before I go to bed, I'm just crashing.
*Plan a cheap date night for me and my prince charming

Habit of the Month Same as last week

Zone - our bedroom- I keep up with every room in the house and leave our room for last.  Well, I have alway been told and have tried to keep our room our sanctuary but lately it is in need of a makeover.  This week I need to get our room together.

M -Pepper Steak, Brown rice and homemade tortillas

T - Beans and Ham, Cornbread

W - Chicken Pot Pie

Th - Tilapia fish, Sweet Potatoes, veggie

F - Personal Pizza's (I might look into this pizza on the grill thing sounds fun)
I have decided to make Friday my baking day so we will see if it gets done :)

S - hotdogs, corn on the cob, and grilled potatoes

Sunday- something in the crockpot before I leave for church

FUN Things
I need to get out and do somethings with my kids.  Park time, library time, it does no matter I just need to play with them

3 things I'm thankful for today:

1. My Family
2. My job
3. My health- go to the doctor on Wednesday for my post surgery appointment...hoping to get a clean bill of health.
4.  I'm also thankful for the blog "In light of truth" for helping me organize my thoughts each week.