Thursday, January 5, 2017

Like a daughter

There are not to many people in my life that rank close up to my own kids but this young lady does. 
I have the privilege to be gramma M to her precious kiddo, who I love dearly. 
I have known her since she was in high school and have watched a wild crazy girl become an amazingly grounded, God fearing women. 
She faces her fear straight on and serves Jesus with all her heart. 
On Tuesday, I called her and asked if she would be willing to sing at a funeral on Wednesday. Without a thought she immediately said yes. Not knowing what she would do with her kiddos, if she might have had something else planned, yes was her answer. 
She showed up no practice was told she was singing songs she had not song for years and her answer was yes. 
I sat in my seat and watched her worship Jesus and love on people she did not even know. My heart swelled as I watched her. 
Nope I'm not her momma. She has a great momma who lives close and she has a wonderful relationship with her. 
However, I love her like a daughter and as I watch her grow my heart is so very proud of her. 
There are not to many people in my life that I could say I love like a daughter but this young woman is one of them. 
Love you Alyssa. 
Love momma M


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