Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Boy's are very different!!!

I have always wondered whether those with boys were lying when they talked about how different they were then girls. I kept telling myself that they just did not know exactly what they were talking about. If you have a boy and I've ever given you that look "please there not that different" I'm sorry. I have learned in the past 2 years that boys are not only different they are extremely different. Darius is not what you might call a "passive" boy. He throws, hits, grabs, any thing he can get his hands on. He believes that he is the only child in house and that one day precious baby CeCe will just disappear. He believes that the world rotates around him and only him and that we are all here to serve his needs.
So many might be saying well why does he believe or even think such a though and that would be because it's true. This little boy has captured the hearts of almost everyone he come in contact with. In the eyes of his 3 older sisters he could not possible do anything wrong. He just give one of those precious smile and all the trouble is gone.
I tell you all that to lead into one of his latest adventures. We are getting ready to leave our house and Darius walks out of the house wearing his dad's shoes and carrying my purse. I thought he was just so cute. He proceeds to go over to talk to the dogs. I just continued to put the rest of the stuff in the van. I thought he was being way to good so I walked over to see what he was doing. That was when I discovered all my credit cards and driver license in with the dogs. I looked over that there was my very expensive phone in the dogs mouth. It just so happens that our warranty does cover "dogs eating your phone".

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