Friday, May 29, 2009

Cherishing every day

Well, the time has come. Darius has let us know that he is ready to be potty trained. While I was changing his diaper this morning he informed me that he needed to go potty. I took him and put him on the potty and he did his thing. :) I look at my sweet baby boy wondering where the days have already gone. It seems like just yesterday that this precious little boy was born. When I say that the time goes by fast I really do know what I'm talking about. With two newly 18 year old graduated twin girls, I know all about growing up fast. So the next time someone tells you that you should cherish the time you have with your kids, it is not a cliche, the time does go by fast.
So, my plan was to take off 2 weeks in the month of June to potty train Darius but he is apparently on his on schedule. So we will go with his schedule and start potty training now. One day at a time....cherishing every day.

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