Sunday, December 27, 2009

Is that dinosaur Green or Blue???

I love going to church with my family. I love meeting with my church family. My son loves going to church and asks daily if we are going to see Betty(Barry) or Aaron. He loves snacks and Jesus, which he tells me after leaving church almost every Sunday. Well, this little boy has a mind that works very differently than my 4 girls.
As we were coming home from church today we passed a Sinclair gas station with a big green dinosaur out front. Being a good mom, not wanting my precious son to miss the green dinosaur I say to him "D" there is a green dinosaur over there. He looks very excited outside his window and than turns to me and says, its not green. For the next 2 minutes I basically argue with my 2 year about the color of the dinosaur.
I finally started acting like the adult and just quit talking. After about 30 seconds D says "its not blue mommy right".
I can not ever get enough of that boy. He is always making me laugh and think. He is smarter than I think any 2 year old should be. I can't believe how much I love that boy. He is truly a blessing from God to David and I.

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