Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Lunch Visit

I love that I have a flexible job to be able to leave when I need to.  This morning when I was dropping off my kid to school he went to get out of the car and ran right into the car door.  Now while it may seem like that was his own fault it was not.  You see we have carpool people who open the door to let him out and then they say things like ok sweetie go fast to class so your not late, ok sweetie we need to get moving so that other kids can get out of their cars and get to class on time.....ect So my son listening to the lady opening up the door is trying to get his backback on while getting out of the car and being told to hurry, hurry, hurry hit the door with his head.  Great way to start the day!  I looked not so happily at the women who opened the door.  She knew what had happened and what part she played and she let me know that she would be taking care of him.  

I decided to park my car, which took 5 minutes and go in and check on my son.  He was sitting in the nurses office looking so pitiful.  I felt horrible for my little man.  I waited with him until he was feeling better an then walked him to class.  He was so excited that I walked him in.  

After kissing me at least 4 times I left.  I was missing my little guy already as I drove away.  I decided to use my flexibility to  leave for an hour and go have lunch with D.  Can I just say that my son was smiling from ear to ear that I just showed up for lunch.  He keep telling me how I was the best mom ever :)  (LOVE THAT BOY)  I then went and played with him on playground for a few minutes.  I kissed my boy and left.  

When I turned around to look at him he was waving and smiling.  Can I just say that only a few tears left my eyes.  That boy just makes me smile!!

Here is a pic of him getting ready to get "beat" by his mom in tether ball.

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