Monday, August 25, 2014

"I don't want to pray"

On Saturday I overheard my husband talking on the phone and what I heard coming out of his mouth is not something I want to hear again.  My oldest daughter had been held up at gun point at a local bank.  A gun had been pointed at her head and $3000 of her companies money taken from her. 

She was not by herself another employee was in his car not far and tried to protect her but the gun was then turned on him.(please pray for him. He is having a hard time and I don't know if he is a believer)  

As I sat holding my 5 month old, freshly bathed, grand daughter I began to cry.  I knew she was safe, I knew he had not harmed her physically, he had not harmed her coworker physically, but I knew then he had taken something.....her sense of safety.  

Tons of emotions went through my head and I began to thank God for keeping her safe.  I had actually been praying for her all day.  A friend and I had gone to lunch and within a 30 minute period of time 2 prayers were lifted up for her regarding another situation.  I had no idea that God would be answering our prayers for her that day in a much bigger way.  

As I waited for my baby girl to get home I called upon some prayer warriors to pray for our family, for Jelissa.  I literally called people, I posted on Facebook and I called upon our lifegroup to pray pray pray!!! And let me just say no one let us down.  We had text messages and calls coming for 24+ hours.  We had people willing to drop everything and come to our house if we needed and we had people posting on their Facebook pages to pray for Jelissa.  I loved seeing the Church lift her up and cover her in prayer the way they did.  

When my baby walked in the door I knew she would need her momma, and she sure did.  Her head immediately hit my chest and tears ran. As I held her I thanked God over and over for allowing me to hold her again.  

It was a long night of talking and talking and crying but we finally made our way to bed.  Jelissa did not sleep all night but her brother woke up and came down and watch TV all night with her.  (Sure glad it was a Saturday night)

As I went to bed the event kept playing over and over in my head.  It was hard to stop thinking about it.  Eventually I found myself thinking about the man who had done this to my daughter.  I felt so many emotions.  I keep hearing God tell me to pray for this man.  I remember rolling over and thinking 
"I don't want to pray"
I eventually did give in and found myself being obedient to God.  I did pray for this man who had done this horrible thing to my daughter.  I have prayed for some hard things in life but this was close to the top.  
Forgiving a man who holds a gun to your babies head, and asking that he finds God that night was hard but I did it.  I will continue to do it so that hatred and anger will not build up in my heart as Satan would like it to.  

God never said this road would be easy or this life here would be easy, He did however say we would never be alone.  I am so glad that He is with me, He is with Jelissa and that He was with her that night!  
He is so Faithful!!!

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