Monday, August 25, 2014


What I looked like after cupping
Yep call me what you want but I will just about try anything once, as long as its legal and not against what the bible says.  
Today I went for an acupuncture treatment.  
Oh boy, I always enjoy how I feel afterwards.  
And today....was no different.

However Jerry, the  acupuncturist did a procedure called cupping.  It really has not been "proven" to work but many non traditional holistic medicine people believe it does.  

Basically here is the low down....a suction cup, a diabetic type needle and weird round bruising afterwards ^ as picture shows above.  

I try all kinds of things and enjoy learning alternatives to modern medicine, cupping included.  Although it looks like it must have hurt, it really didn't.  In fact, I left feeling very rejuvenated and refreshed.  I had tons of back pain and shoulder pain and left with no back pain and minimum shoulder pain. 

I love the look I get when I tell my boss what weird thing I'm doing now.  Most he would never try and laughs on the inside and outside at me when I tell him what I have done or are doing.  
 I enjoyed very much letting him know I will be leaving to have needles stuck in me, on purpose.  

Although I had no idea about the cupping I agreed to it and hope that I see extra relief from it too.  I text my boss to see if he knew what cupping was.  I know him pretty well and he most likely googled it.  I never heard back from him so i figured he is still shaking his head and laughing at me...oh and thinking what a freak I am.  

All the above might be true but the one thing I do know is that my back and shoulder feel better, and I don't have to take any medicine that will destroy my liver. 

So since that is the case I will be returning on Wednesday for more that sounds weird :) 

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  1. The chicken and goat are in the mail for you to try.