Friday, September 18, 2009

Thomas The Train

Having raised 3 girls this boy thing is very weird to me. My son has been carrying around a picture of a Thomas the train for 3 days now. I finally decided that I would take him to Toy R Us to pick out his first Thomas the Train. Was I in for a surprise. I really needed to take a course on Thomas before entering the store. It took us almost an hour to pick out one train. Why you may ask? Well, I found out today that not all trains go with all tracks, and the plastic trains are not compatible with the wooden tracks, but the imagination station trains and tracks are compatible with all Thomas the Train. The plastic tracks and metal trains are good but not built well. The wooden tracks and trains are all hand crafted and built to last. (Breathe)

So as you can see it was much more than just going and buying a train and was an adventure to the other side. The side I now visit often "planet boy". The more I go, the more I'm liken it.

Everyone should have at least one boy. They are so different, so cool and so worth all the messes.

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