Saturday, November 13, 2010

Melting Pot=happy birthday

Mrs "N"  birthday was this past Thursday.  What better way to celebrate then at the Melting Pot-fonduing.  We had so much fun we could hardly contain ourselves.  We talked, we laughed, and yes we sang.  We sang songs you would know and we sang song I had never heard of.  Songs that came to mind were one about a potato, a song about the titanic, and a song about little bubbles, and just for the record the titanic song is not a Christian song(inside joke).  

We ended up not doing a full meal only cheese and chocolate but it was more food than 3 women needed to eat, but we did a really good job trying.  

I can hardly believe how much fun we had.  I love hanging out with these ladies.  We end up closing down the places we are at every time we go out.  When Mrs D's husband asked her what time she would be home she told him that she could give him a time but every time she does she's wrong :)
David has gotten to the point where he just texts me to make sure I'm ok.  

Can't wait for the next birthday...which is mine :)

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