Thursday, July 7, 2011

Funny Little Girl

C is a funny girl.  We have gone to a water park 2 days in a row and she cracks me up when she talks to people.  On Wednesday she walk right up to a couple who were hugging and touched the guy and asked him to stop choking the lady.  In C's defense the girl was much shorter than the guy so his arms were around her neck.  As I walked up to them I could hear the guy telling her that he was not choking her.  I explained to C that he liked the lady and he was hugging her :)

Today while at a spray park C was very interested in a boy approximately 12 years old who was autistic.  The boy was making tons of very loud noises and at first C thought he was a dinosaur.  She followed him all over the water park asking him if he was a dinosaur.  The boys mom explained to C that he was making those noises because he was happy.  C then followed him around the park saying over and over he's happy! When the boy was leaving his mother brought him over to say goodbye to C.  She waved bye and then looked up at him and said "I love you".  He then pet her on her head as gently as he knew how and waved bye.  I enjoyed the interaction between my baby and this young boy.  She was gentle, sweet, and loving just the way I want her to be with anyone different than her.  
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