Sunday, January 13, 2013

Gone forever!!

So my precious baby boy lost his first tooth today.  It has been wiggling around in there for days. The big tooth is already coming in. 
I asked D if I could wiggle his tooth and it just feel out.  Glad I did it or it may have swallowed it in his sleep.(Not sure how much you get if for you tooth if you swallow it)
He looked so shocked at me and says "Good Job Mommy you got it". 
Yep I'm a professional!
I then proceeded to do what any good mother would printerest for ideas.
I had began the search earlier in the week and thought I better print off my letter at work on Monday so that I would be prepared.....that went right out the window.
So I did what any good fairy would do sent Mr Fairy to the store to get fairy dust aka glitter, searched the internet for tooth fairy letters and made a box for his tooth. 
D wrote a letter put the tooth in his box and proudly went to bed one baby tooth less. 
It is forever gone.  It will never be in his mouth again.  Everyday I lose a little bit of my sweet baby as he turns into this God loving, momma heart stealing young boy. 
I can not ever imagine my life without that precious little boy.  He make life so interesting and never never never do I not smile from something he has done or said. 

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