Friday, January 25, 2013

Ferro...who knew??

saszWhile at Costco a couple weeks ago I stopped and tried a grain that was being demoed as a grain that could be cooked like oatmeal. Of course I was intrigued because I love hot cereals. She had cooked it and added a little maple syrup and some blueberries.
Well those happen to be a few of my favorite I tasted!
I decided to purchase this little grain of yummy stuff. I was told that it could be fixed and eaten like another one of my favorite grains Quinoa.
I have had it in my pantry for a few weeks and still had not used it until last night.

I happen to have 2 left over steaks in my refrigerator from My Hubby's birthday dinner so I thinly sliced those up grilled some onion & garlic, cooked my Ferro and begin putting my mean together.

At the beginning I was thinking this would be more like a cold pasta steak salad but we were hungry so it was hot.

I added a can of dice tomatoes with green chilis to a bowl added the onions and garlic and then added the guest of honor Ferro. I mixed everything together added a little olive oil and I was done.

I quickly pulled out a fresh loaf of bread and dinner was served.

My husband had to take his food to go because of basketball but he let me know when he came home that dinner was GREAT!

Yep I will definitely be finding other meals to cool with Ferro.

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