Tuesday, January 1, 2013

**I blinked **

I tell people all the time when I see that they have twins that they should take lots of pictures and document, document, document because it will go by so fast.

This really is true.  I know first hand.  My girls are now pretty much out of my home and on their own coming home for a couple weeks a year :(

**I blinked**

I remember wishing before Keisha was born that the twins would both be walking good and potty trained.  Only one happened but

**I blinked**

and Keisha is now off to an internship where she will be doing nursery through 5th grade at a big church in Illinois

**I blinked**

I remember thinking about how one day my house would stay clean for longer than 15 minutes

**I blinked**

and now all of my girls will have apartments of their own by this summer and no longer do I get to pick up their barbies, books or tell them to put all their chargers and cords in their rooms

**I blinked**

and they are all grown up.  Beautiful young women running fast after God.  They make me proud everyday.

As I was thinking about this coming year my precious son reminded me that he has a tooth loose.  As I look into his eyes I remember the day I brought him home.  It seems like yesterday.
As I sit and tell Princess Cynthia stories and how happy we were when I got to hold her for the first time, and I hold and  rock little Z and tell her how special we are to have her in our home to remind us of what is important and to slow down I'm reminded

To count it all because this day to shall pass 

and I will have **blinked** and I don't want to miss anything!!

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