Sunday, April 6, 2014

Grandpa and Grandma

I love that my kids have several Grandpa's and Grandma's that have adopted them in the church.  These very special people adopted my family some 15 years ago.  I could not image life without them.  This man not only told me about Jesus but he dunked me and helped me wipe my sins away.  He has answered many questions for me over the year some deep and some dumb but he has never made me feel weird whatever the question.  No matter where I go Stan will alway be my Pastor. 
When I think about a Proverbs 31 women,  Ruth is who ALWAY comes to mind.  This women has a heart of Gold.  She is an amazing women of God.  She loves the Lord with all her heart and it just comes out of her pours.  I could sit at her feet and listen to her for hours.  She loves with all that she is and everyone that is in her presence can feel it.  I have received many phone calls from her asking about my family and how we are doing when we have needed it the most.  (She just knows)
God has put amazing people in my life but non more amazing than these two people.  My kids love them and I love them more than they will ever know.  I thank God for them.   


C Trying to do Grandpa's Hair haha


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