Tuesday, April 8, 2014

GG Joy & PaPa Paul Visit

Who drives 3 hours one way stays less than 12 hours just to meet their Great Grand daughter.  GG & PaPa.  Rylee Grace is one loved baby girl!

These two have people have been there for me more in the past years more than I can count.  Wow does God know how to pick them.  I got the best husband in the world but how in the world could a girl get so blessed to also get the best Mother and Father in-law in the world.  They have sat on the phone and listened to this girl cry many times.  They have dropped what they were doing to come help me take care of my kids, cook food, clean my house when I could "literally" not get out of the bed".  

"Oh how blessed I am"

The women below holding my grand baby has loved me like her own daughter.  She does not judge my past only looks to how I love her boy.  She prays for me often and tells me often that she does.  Many around me complain about their mother-in-laws how they get into their business all the time and say things that are offensive, mine does not.  

I have not had the best relationship with my own mom in the last few years and that has been very hard.  And while no one can replace the need for your own mom to be there in your life nurturing you, guiding you, helping you, I'm super glad that I do have someone as wonderful as my mother-in-law who will try her best to do what she can to help my fill that void.  I love you so much momma Joy!  

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