Wednesday, July 2, 2014


So I've decided not to use facebook anymore. I guess the main reason is it was no longer uplifting to me anymore. I find myself more upset by the comment than anything. I see so much gossip and church bash that I finally had enough. I don't care if you don't go to my church, I don't care if you like hobby lobby or not.  Don't get me wrong I care about people. I care about their relationship with God but using facebook to bash the church is not ok. Jesus loves the church. He loves His people. I love the church, I love His people. It was just hurting me inside. 

In the end facebook was about connect to people seeing their kids, seeing people from far away not a place where I wanted to see peoples political agenda argued or even discuss hobby lobby and birth control. 

By the way that it just a couple reasons for leaving. I also don't like family drama. I don't want to be a part and a good way to avoid it is to not get involved. I don't want to be the facebook family stalker.  
"I wonder if so in so posted anything today, or look she is doing" (and then I'd be upset) which is what I was doing. I'm sure God was really please with that.....NOT

So all in all facebook was not a health place for me and for that reason alone I must step away. 
I will be posting here and on twitter more regularly. 

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