Monday, September 1, 2014

I know how to count...... 1,2,3

Sometimes, life seems to just go by day by day, month by month until you look back and think, wow where has the time gone?  

There are other seasons where you find yourself counting down the minutes.  Realizing that you have managed to get through five or even 20 without thinking about this or that situation.   

God has made us so wonderful, this I know.  My brain continues to think on many nights way past what my body believes is a good thinking time.  
Sometimes I have to talk myself down off the thinking train long enough to get a few good hours of sleep so that I'm able to function the next day.  

Recently my brain is in over drive.  A desire for more information about certain topics is driving me crazy and maybe my husband too.  God is continuing to talk to me and explain that He's got me and my family and that all the knowledge is not going to be enough because what I am lacking right now is........FAITH

Seems like such an easy thing right?  He has always been faithful right?  He has never steered me wrong, has He?  And yet when I come to this fork, the fork I've been to before, different situation different time......always the same fork will I choose to trust him or will I choose my own road I stand scared.  

Not because I don't know which way to go but because I don't have any control.  When I feel a lack of control the forward motion ceases.  I feel like I'm in quick sand.  Have you ever felt that way? 

Oh God why?  You have not changed.  You are still the same God as yesterday!  Why do I doubt?  

And so as I ponder choosing His way, living by FAITH and not by sight I will count because that is one thing I have not forgotten how to do.  

I will count all the ways he shows up in my life.  I will count all my blessings.  I will count every way I see Him moving in my life and sometimes the way he sit right beside me while I cry.  I will choose to even in the hard Eucharisteo count.  I will choose to count I know how to count.....
  1. thankful for western medicine and holistic medicine
  2. for a husband who knows no end to the way he loves me
  3. for the opportunity to be the mom to 3 little kids who came to me at different times, at different ages, but found their way to my home and into my heart forever                                              
and the counting begins, again so that I may see Him better 


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