Monday, May 30, 2011

adoption fundraiser dinner

We have been raising funds to help with adopting D and C.  We had an adoption dinner to help raise money.  I'm still not able to talk about it because of how upsetting it is.  I will one day take the time to write down all the details but for now we are just doing a lot of praying and relying on Him for his direction and guidance.  Here are some pictures from the dinner.

We are forever grateful to those who have helped us in our time of extreme need.  God has been so faithful and we are hoping to celebrate with all our family and friends very soon when we have finished this process and D and C are legally our son and daughter.  Please continue to keep us in your prayers this has been one of the most challenging time we have ever been through.                                          

Tons of others were there but we were busy talking and forgot to take more pictures :)Posted by Picasa

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