Friday, May 6, 2011

Falcon Library

I have been wanting to go to the new library in Falcon since it opened.  I have heard from friends that it was a nice library.  See the Livingston's Love the Library.  I think out of the whole family David is the only one who does not get gitty upon the idea of going to the library.  PPLD has awesome libraries and there is one in the state that I prefer not to go to....and that's because the employees are rude and the children's department is horrible.  So when I told D that we would be going to a new library today his face lite up and away we went.  I got to sit in a chair and read, mess on my computer for almost 1 1/2 hours today while my kids read books, played with puzzles, and their favorite thing of all played games on the computer.

They were so cute that I had to take pictures.  

Posted by PicasaD made a friend as he always does when he goes out.  This little boy was not sure if he wanted to sit next to D or read a story with C.  So he just sat in the middle and went back and forth.    

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