Friday, September 2, 2011

Church Camp Trip

MPC did a family camping trip this summer.  Last year only the men and boys went.  So we decided to give a try.  We have gone camping with other people before and it really never works out.  We like to do what we want to do when we go camping.  I like to relax and not go from one activity to another.

This camping trip was mostly the kind I like.  There were no planned activities except the guys all planned to shoot guns every waking minute.  There is nothing wrong with this unless you're the mother of a 4 year old boy whose only desire was to be with the big boys shooting.  This meant for his momma that she could not let him out of her sight the entire time.  This was not relaxing.  On one side of me I had the big boys shooting HUGE guns and on the other side of me I had the teens playing arrow-soft shooting.  My son was like a kid in a candy store except he was unable to get anywhere close to the touching, no looking close.

He was a sad little boy.

other than that it was perfect, oh wait the rain :((

We could hardly believe that we were up in the mountains in the middle of no where are up comes a school bus.  Needless to say he was lost.

This came to be known as the William's Estate.

We went for a walk that took us on a trail that had a bridge the kids could look over.  It was really nice, except that due to the rain the bugs were terrible.

There were so many guns it was a little weird.

No my son did not get to fire a real gun but he wanted  to so bad.  

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