Monday, February 13, 2012

40 is a good number!?!?

My birthday was weird this year.  I ended spending the day with friends in Denver gone all day from my family.  I had a really good time but about half way through the day I begin to really miss my family.  The girls were home and it just felt weird for me to be gone away from them all day.  To top it off my friends wanted to take me out for dinner which was not going to happen until around 7 or later.  All I could think about is I have been away from my family all day and I just want to stay home.  

Since I had been gone all day I decided to change into my sweat pants and go to dinner relaxed :)
When Nickole came in to pick me up she refused to let me go so dressed down saying it was my birthday and I needed to go get something nicer than sweats.  Although I was mad :(  I changed.  
Good thing I did there were a lot of people waiting for me and lets just say I would have been very 
embarrassed :0 

My girls, husband and friend did a great job surprising me.  

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