Thursday, February 2, 2012

Dog Name

Dog Name Update....

We picked up our new puppy at night time and returned home to show him off to C and D.  They were so excited.  C keep holding the puppy by his neck and repeating "I love this puppy"!  We decided to put the name to a vote before picking one.  I asked the kids if they liked the name "Denver" and I got one yes and one no.  

The kiddo's went to bed excited and woke up just as excited about the new puppy.  C woke up running through the house asking about diarrhea when she woke up.  I was not sure exactly what she was talking about but she would not stop saying it.  I finally asked her what she was talking about and she said "where is Diarrhea?"  I said do you mean Denver and she looked up at me and said Yes Denver. 

After a couple weeks she still slips and tells people our puppies name is Diarrhea.  Just for the record David decided since it was his dog he would name him. So both my names Denver and Nomeo got thrown out, and David named the little guys Taz.    

 The little guy really loves the snow.  He goes outside runs around and then lays in the snow.  Crazy dog.

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  1. Still laughing! Love C's name, Can you imagine calling the dog at the park!


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