Wednesday, February 1, 2012


I signed up for a FB account for one reason and one reason only.....To Stay Connected To My Kids!  It seemed like the thing all older kids were doing and since I did not want them to have a "My Space" account I agreed to let them have one and shortly afterwards signup for one myself.
Since that day I still would say that my main reason for having a FB account is to stay connected to my kids.  I'm able to know how my kids are feeling or what they are doing during that day by one simply post by them.  

However, as I sign into FB on a daily bases I have find that I am very interested in a few other things too, like what others are doing,  where they have been, who they are hanging out with, who is acting holier instead of being holy, and on and on and on.  

Lately, I have heard of several people who are taking FB fasts.  I think after talking to several of them it is because of the time they spend looking and wondering who is doing what and time consumption.  

Many people would snub their nose at people reading the gossip section in magazines like star magazine or watch things like Radar online but FB the biggest "useless information" arena finds less snubbing but really provides the same idea "The want to KNOW".

So why even blog about this?  

No, I'm not deleting my FB and never looking at it again. No, I'm not telling anyone not to have a FB account or that it's sinful. Yes, I am saying I (we) need to monitor the time I (we) spend on social networks, including blogging sites....which is another topic. Yes, I (we) need to evaluated why I (we) are posting what I (we) are posting & Yes, I (we) need to look at why I (we) are so concerned with what people are doing or saying.  

Just something to read or ponder for others something to definitely change for me!! I need to make sure I'm more interested in God's word and what HE is doing then those on FB.

Why do you sign into Facebook?  


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