Thursday, January 27, 2011

Did he really say that...yep he did

I have friends that blog all the time about the things that there kids say.  I have one friend whose stories about her son never ceases to make me laugh, until I cry.  I tell her when ever she indulges me with a story that she should write a book about all the things he says and does.  

I'm beginning to see a small resemblance to my son and the stories I'm able to tell.  He does and says the funniest things.  I wonder what must be going through his mind often.  I understand that I have never raised a boy before but man does his brain work different than the three girls I raised.  

I went out to lunch with a friend to Soup-n-Salad when out of the blew my boy tells me that his stomach hurts.  I turn to ask him what hurts when he proceeds to tell me...and this is a quote "my stomach hurts and I don't want to have a baby".  OK, after I stopped laughing I explained to him that he could not have a baby because he was a boy and boys don't have babies.  He then says to me...and I quote "then why is my tummy hurting, its a baby."

Yep that's my boy!!

I have narrowed it down to the fact that his Preschool Teacher is having a baby.  Although she is not showing a lot there has been lots of talk about a baby and he has over heard it.  Good news is his stomach stopped hurting because he was not believing me when I told him he was not going to have a baby!!

Love that Kid  :) 
and I can't wait to tell him that story when he gets older!!

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  1. His pre-school teacher is HEATHER!!! Is HEATHER having a baby????? No way!! Is this how rumors get started?