Friday, January 28, 2011

Friday at the Livingston's

I have not had one day in a while that was not filled with some kind of drama or situation, today is no exception.  

What I thought would be a nice relaxing day turned into a day at the emergency room.  Yep, and if you know my family at all I bet it would not take long to figure out which of my children would cause a run to the emergency room......yes it was D.

I laid D down for a nap and within 10 minutes I hear a loud popping sound coming from my fuse box followed by the loudest scream I've ever heard.  I knew immediately what  had happened I was just unsure which child was screaming.  It turned out to be D.

We had been putting a small heater in D's room before he goes to bed because his room is the coldest in the house.  We have to unplug it if he is awake because he messes with it.  Well, to make a long story short I unplugged the heater but did not put the outlet cover back on.  

My precious son decided to stick a hair thingy in the outlet.  The the breaker blew in the fuse box but he got a bad electrical burn on his finger.  I don't know much about electrical burns but what I do know now is they hurt.  D yelled and cried for about 30 minutes straight.

By the time we got back into the emergency room he wanted to watch cartoons on the TV and was doing much better.  I'm sure you can imagine how happy his parents were that we will now receive fan mail, because we are self pay,  from Penrose :(

On the bright side I did have David take a picture of the nurse cleaning the burn.  He was a big boy and handled it way better than I would.

He literally talked to this nurse from the time she walk in until we walked out...non stop
She found him cute and entertaining.  

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