Friday, January 28, 2011

The things I hear

Recently during a conversation with a mom she bluntly said "why shouldn't I be able to do _________. Its not all about the kids. Parents should not have to give up everything for their kids"

You see I totally agree with this statement, except where I don't. Make perfect since :). I didn't think so.
You see as a mom I definitely need an outlet. I need to hang out with friends, blog if that's my thing, do things that keep me going...rejuvenate myself, take care of myself.....Agreed

But not at the sake of my children or my husband.

I believe we live in such a ME society. I need to get out away from my kids, I need to blog because that's how I communicate with other adults, I need fill in the blank. I'm not saying another the above is wrong what I believe can go wrong is the Attitude behind the thoughts.

We can't continue to do a good job taking care of our kids is we don't take care of ourselves. Yes we need to do this but With the right attitude.

We, I made a conscious choice to have each child that is in my home here. They deserve the best of me. The don't deserve my bad attitude day in and day out because I did not get to hang out with my friends or sit at the computer to blog or what ever I do on the computer.

I love my life the good and the bad, and there is a lot of bad days...weeks. This is my life and I'm only getting this time to do it right...... for my kids for my family and yes this will mean giving up some things....MOSTLY MY TIME.


  1. Um, hello? This is sounding strangely familiar. Was I that mom? :) Because OBVIOUSLY I AM about giving up LOTS for my kids, especially my time! Carving out just a bit for myself is important too though - and with 7 children 9 and under in our family, while home educating, I will go absolutely bonkers if I don't find a little time to engage in things that refresh me for the task at hand.....

    Moms are human beings too who have certain needs too. That's all I was saying. ;-)

  2. Actually Tisha this was NOT you! I do remember having many conversations with you but nothing like the one I'm referring fact this was a conversation about someone who was thinking about letting her mom raise her daughter because she feels she is losing who she is.
    I was able to talk to her about some of the things I heard at the conference and hopefully give give her some hope.
    You have a much different situation one that I understand some but not much about so I would not be the one to speak to how you handle you time since I have no idea and like you I human too.

    And just for the record I'm not in the habit of writing about sensitive things or people who I know might read my blog that does not seem smart. The young lady I talked to not only does not read my blog but does not even know I blog. This was a way for me to process that conversation. Hopefully that clears up any misunderstanding.

  3. Oh, ok. :) I seriously remember uttering those exact same words to you ladies so it got me thinking - "I said that!"
    I am glad to hear that is not what you were referring to!