Wednesday, March 9, 2011


So, do you celebrate LENT?
If you do Why?

I have a friend who I talk to about lent every year.  We talk about things we want to do with our kids and how this will be the year that we make sure that our kids understand what Jesus did on the cross.  This will be the year that we slow down and REALLY remember what happened on Easter and reflect all that God has given to us.  

This will be the year I have said many times. 

 I have to be very honest and say that the weeks before Easter are very busy for me for us as a family.  We tend to have lots of people over and lots of activities going on at church.  

I always give up something and try my hardest to focus but I get caught up in doing and truth be told the week before Easter I have a guilt that comes over me because again I have failed to stop, slow down and put this time of year in perspective.  

You see if your not a Christian then Easter is just another day but if you are a believer this day means everything.  You see this is the day that separates us from all other religions and religious people.  This is the day when our God, the creator of the universe rose from the dead.  This is the day when Christ beat death for ME and for you. 

You see Lent is a time to stop, remember, reflect and sacrifice something so that we might become more like Him who sacrificed everything.  

You see it teaches us to take our eyes off ourselves and put them on Him.  
Is that to much to ask?  I don't think so.  

My prayer is that as I take time to remember that it will bring me to the foot of the cross where His love poured out for me.  That I will remember that this love is like non I have ever experienced or ever will experience and that I serve a risen God who gave up everything for me.  Hallelujah Hallelujah!!! 

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