Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Freedom From Performing

I got to spend the evening with a good friend last night and we actually got to hear a women by the name of Becky Harling.  She has a new book coming out, in May, called "Freedom From Performing, Grace in an Applause-Driven World."

She talked a lot about being a people pleaser, and who am I spending my time trying to please.....friends, husband, co-workers, kids, or God.  

She wanted to know if we "spend our time protecting our image and what people think about us or instead our we image bearers of Christ.  Wow.  Obvious my head says right away image bearer of Christ, but my actions say a lot of times protector of my image.  Is my house clean, our my kids behaving, is my marriage perfect....well, the answer is no but I spend a lot of time trying to make sure it is.  

You see all the things I listed above are great things if done for the right reasons.  If you do what you do to impress man instead of to honor your heavenly father, there's a problem.  Sometimes I worry to much about people excepting me that I forget how more important it is that they except Christ.  

I don't want to be a performer driven by the applause of man instead I want to be driven by the applause of my God, the one how excepts me and loves me whether my house is clean.  Hallelujah!!

The book does not come out until May but you can pre-order it now.  She was a great speaker and I saw a couple of her other books that I would like to read too.  


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