Thursday, August 25, 2011

Banana Bread

Normally when I purchase banana's they don't last long around our house.  Between the kids and me they are generally gone quickly.  I have always had a love affair with bananas since I was young.  I love them.  However, I'm very picky about what they look like when I eat them and if they miss my window I don't eat them.  Weird....I know.
Well, 10 banana's did not get eaten at my house this last week and I knew that if something did not happen quickly with them I was going to end up throwing them away. I went to work on Tuesday and had someone bring in some banana bread that was really good.  So I asked her for the recipe.  She told me she had gotten the recipe online and told me where to find it.  
In the end I ended up with: 
5 loaves of banana without nuts(hubby's favorite)
1 loaf with chocolate chips
1 loaf with peanut butter chips
1 loaf with white chocolate
1 loaf with walnuts 
with a total of 9 loaves of bread 

Do you have a favorite banana bread recipe?


  1. I love PW! She has some great recipes and a new show on Food Network this week! I haven't made banana bread with chocolate chips or peanut butter chips. I'm sure those were tasty. Hmmmm, I have a few bananas...

  2. I just made strawberry bread for some of the welcome loaves at church. :)

  3. I would love that recipe for strawberry bread.


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