Saturday, August 20, 2011

Good idea, Bad timing

I had surgery on Monday, details on that later, and have been stuck in the house recovering.  I have had the pleasure of having my hubby home with me everyday which has been heavenly :)
Anyway, on Friday I had cabin fever like no other.  So I decided that it would be a great idea to head down to the happy apple farm and get our berries for jam.

Every year we go down there to get berries for jam, apples for apple butter, and apple sauce.  I did not want to miss the window to go and pick our stuff due to a little surgery.

Well to make a short story shorter it was not a good idea.   Being my first outing since surgery I over did it within 20 minutes and needed to lay down, which I did.  I did however get a ton of big, juicy,blueberries before making my way back to my van.  We got enough berries for jam and now I need to get to making it.

I could not have made our annual trip without taking a few pictures.
We must have a picture on the tracker :)

So Cute

Eating a lot of what we picked

Huge berry bushes!!

My boy, guarding the berries or waiting for me to turn my back

My baby and me

Every year we go back, every year we have fun, every year the kids  ride the tracker, and every year we get excited about going back the next year.  

Nothing like Family Traditions!!!

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