Friday, August 26, 2011

Counting my gifts-one thousand gifts by Ann Voskamp

I recently read the book "one thousand gifts, A dare to LIVE FULLY" by Ann Voskamp.  I had the opportunity, this summer, to read this in a book study with 2 other women who I appreciate dearly.  I could not believe how excited I was about a book.  I could not believe how much a book was changing the way I looked at my day and moments in my life.  I began my list and although it was not a discipline that caught on quickly it was one that I began to enjoy.
Over 3 months ago we finished our book and I'm still thinking about things I read in this book,  I still think about the gifts God gives me on a daily bases.  The bad news is I have stopped writing them down in my book.  This was something I did not want to stop doing.  I wanted to slow my life down and look at things from a different perspective....His prospective.  
My goal is to begin my list again, or better yet continue my list of things I thankful for.  

#1 A life changing book
#2 young boy who is active and loves to play
#3 a boy who loves his friends 
#4 A little girls wild hair
#5 time away(Pagosa Springs)
#6 friendships that make me laugh
#7 that D went to the doctor and did not have a sinus infection
#8 cuddling with my little girl early in the morning
#9 fresh banana bread
#10 princess kitchens and friends who bought it for my little girl
# 11 pirate ships and the adventures they bring

I have a great life and God has blessed me abundantly.  I want to remember daily to stop and thank Him for those things.  

Have you read Ann's book?  Have you ever counted gifts.?  Start or restart count with me today.  I would love to hear about things you're writing down and how you're seeing God in your life.

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