Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Zoe's 2nd Birthday

Before my sister moved to South Dakota we got to spend Zoe's 2nd birthday with her.  She turned 2 on August 1st.  We went to Fargo's and the kids had a blast.  The only tears that were shed was from Zoe when we being to sing to her.  We must have sounded terrible because when we all started to sing she begin to cry. It was really kind of funny to all us watching.

C's birthday party came after Zoe's so C watched with wide eyes.  We were able to see exactly what we would buy C for her birthday.

I am going to miss Jeanette and Zoe a ton.  That little girl is super cute.

Jeanette made sure to get Zoe a cute cake!

Birthday girl

Stan and Ruth showed up with Jessica and Luke.  They were celebrating their  anniversary.  I love both of them tons.

Really did we sound that bad :((

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