Friday, August 27, 2010

Homeschooling Week 1

This was our 1st unofficial official week of homeschooling :)
Lets just went great.  We did what ever we felt like doing and I had a great time.  
Darius could work on work pages all day.  I get tired after about page number 10.  My attention span is not as good as his sometimes :)
We worked on several things this week.  Our biggest thing was how to hold his pencil correctly.  He does not have it exactly right yet but he is doing great.  
Cynthia just sits and watches us.  She will join in when she feels like it and has been enjoying watching and repeating me.
Darius is now on our official number 2 day of potty training.  He did not have any accidents and went once all by himself.  I'm so excited about this you have no idea.  It just dawned on my that he might be able to do Awana's now since he might be potty trained. Yah!!!
I think that I'm going to consider myself and our technique of homeschooling the LIFE-school method.  We are going to live life together and learn as we go....Mom too.  
I have never home-schooled from preschool on.  Kristie was my first experiment and she was 4th grade.  So this is all new to me.  
I have to tell you something....don't tell anyone "I'm really enjoying myself so far"  Yes it hard, Yes i want to pull my hair out (and I would be a very ugly bald person), but right now it's what God is calling me to do so I can either have a good attitude or a bad attitude.  Right now I'm going to smile, thank God for a good week and sign off with a Good attitude.  

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