Monday, August 23, 2010

Monday Meanderings--My Week @ a Glance

Bible Study:   Nothing at the moment.  I'm getting ready to start BSF and I'm getting ready for the Y to start so I'm very busy with that right now.  

Memory Verse:
Husband Encouragement:
  1. Keep encouraging David in the big and small things
  2. Continue to say Yes even when I want to say no.  
  3. Continue to be the best help mate God intended me to be.

Train Them Up:
Girls- tons of prayers for their new adventure
Cynthia-Keep working with her and the screaming.
Darius- I really need to work on the potty training.  With so much changing in our house I will take it slow but it really needs happen soon.

Personal Goals:
  1. to talk in a kinder voice to my children not matter what the circumstance is
  2. To have an attitude of that of Christ Jesus....I need to watch my attitude and response to others especially my soul mate.
  3. To keep up with my night schedule and keep the house clean

New Habit of the Month
Just adjust to the girls being gone.  I am just going to try and keep it all together and hopefully each day will get better.  It's my new Normal

* Finish Cynthia's room
* Work on getting my calendar together
* Get my life organized

Yard work-helping David with fence in front

M – Mexican Potatoes, peas, warm caramelized apples
T-Caribbean Chicken, steamed, potatoes, honey/lime cantaloupe
W- Grilled Cajun Tilapia, corn on the cob, grilled peaches
Th-Southwestern Quiche, spinach salad, strawberries
F- Grilled Shrimp Teriyaki, grilled veggies, wild rice
S-Chicken Parmesan, fettuccine, Green Salad
Sunday- Club Salad, Swiss Cheese Bagels, Grapes

* plan a date night soon for David and I

3 things I’m thankful for today:1. My girls finding jobs in Joplin
2. My husband being off extra days
3. Starting to feel better-Not back to normal yet but feeling better than Thursday

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  1. Great lists! I too need to speak to my children in a kinder voice no matter the circumstances! SO HARD!!