Sunday, August 8, 2010

To eat or not to eat

So I have recently started to cut back and really try hard to save money on our weekly grocery bill.  I have done lots of things to make this happen. 

1.  I have started making a weekly meal plan...planing all my meals out
2.  I have recently ordered the gazette and the Denver post so that I can cut out coupons
3.  I took a class called grocery university that helps you figure out ways to cut your grocery bill by a huge        percentage
4.  I have signed up for something called e-mealz which plans all your meal out and does it so that your weekly grocery bill is under around $75
5.  I have been looking at frugal living blogs to see what other women are doing
6.  Follow faithfully springs bargains- to see what is on sale in our area

I tell you all of this because now I'm struggling.  About 2 years ago we cut out a lot in our diet and started to eat tons of organic stuff.  There are things I still will not cook at home if they are not organic but that is another topic.  My problem has come in the hard reality that I can not be organic and be frugal with our families budgeted money.  Today as I was shopping at Walmart, which I have not done main shopping at  in over 2 years, I felt the need to possible cry.  I felt like I was not fixing totally organic meals for my family and that because of that was not being a good mom, a good wife. 
What a dilemma I now face. 
We buy our meat in bulk so we have plenty of meat that is organic but other than that it is a pick and choose.
 I am currently doing the good, better, best theory
Basically we do what we can.  I am praying for Gods wisdom regarding what I should stick to my guns about.  I will not be intentionally feeding my family things with high fructose corn syrup, or Hydrogenated oils in it.  We will be staying away from thing white...white bread, rice, ect.  I will continue to cut coupons and cook healthy meals at home.  I will continue to try an provide as many organic meals as we can afford.  And I will continue to buy Walmart Great Value brand if is cheaper and I don't see a major nutritional value between it and the name brand. 
I know that to some of you this might seem weird but for me it is a big deal.  When a women feeds her family of 7 on for less than 100 dollars a week this is a big deal.  I have been working on making this work for my family and today when I went shopping and succeeded it was a victory. 
We don't have lots of money and we need to save what we can.  God has been so gracious to our family and my husband works hard for every dime he brings home.  I want to honor him by making sure I'm spending our budgeted money for food, diapers, and household item the way he would be proud. 

It's not easy but I'm working hard at finding the balance.  It can't always be the best...sometimes its better..and than sometimes I just have to do what is good.   I will praying for balance and for God's will even when it comes to which lunch meat to buy.  Funny to some....reality to me. 

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  1. I hear you Monica!! We used to be much better at this. It is just sooooo difficult to do on a tight budget. You're not alone! I'm thinking sometimes, "good" is good enough. :)