Sunday, August 22, 2010

Things not to say!!!

Wow, its been a long and interesting week taking my girls to college.
  I will blog about all the details of our trip later. 

As I get ready for bed and look back on the past 2 weeks I have heard several things from different people.

1.  What will you do with the 2 little kids once the girls are gone. 
Obviously these people don't realize that I raised 3 girls almost by myself and did fairly well if you ask me.  I think Little" D" and Sissy have a mommy and daddy that will miss the girls but will be able to take care of that which God has intrusted, so don't ask me that question.
2.  Why are you so sad, it's not as if your girls died.
No they did not die but please don't assume to know how I feel or presume to understand what I'm going have no idea
3.  So now you are starting a new family.
I have not stopped being my girls mom just because my girls have gone to college.  I don't feel like my job as a mom has ended just because they are not under my roof, instead my job has just changed.

I don't believe these things were said out of spite but intead out of stupidity.  I love my girls and I miss them terribly.  I don't need or want to hear things that will only make what I'm going through worse.
My prayer is that God will give me the strength I need each day while the pain feels like more than I can handle.  I pray that as each day passes the pain I feel will lessen little by little until I can look back and see how God held me close and helped me through the most painful thing I have had to do....let my girls grow up  

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