Monday, August 30, 2010

Monday Meanderings--My Week @ a Glance

Bible Study:   Nothing at the moment.   

Memory Verse: Not working on anything at the moment (not good but I want to be totally honest)

Husband Encouragement:
  1. tell him how much he means to me MORE.  He is a great husband and I'm blessed I need to make sure he knows this
  2. encourage him to take a night and have some guy time with friends.  He hardly ever does this but needs to.    
  3. remember to not nag when he works late.  He wants to be home but can't don't make him feel guilty.  

Train Them Up:
Cynthia-Keep working with her and the screaming.  She is doing better.  I have not been letting her get away with her fit throwing.  I think she is starting to see that I'm not giving in to her. 
Darius- POTTY TRAINING is going EXCELLENT!!!  He has had 5 full days of no accidents.  I feel like a miracle happened overnight.  Thank you God.  I begin homeschooling last week.  I want to get on a regular schedule with him 

Personal Goals:
  1. to talk in a kinder voice to my children not matter what the circumstance is (still working on this everyday.
  2.  To stop being so anal about our house.  I have 2 young kids and things are not going to look perfect all the time.  i need to give myself some slack and work on being content.
  3. To keep up with my night schedule (without being so strict that I go to bed feeling terrible when I don't get it all done.)

New Habit of the Month
**Just adjust to the girls being gone.  I am just going to try and keep it all together and hopefully each day will get better.  It's my new Normal**
The above is an understatement.  Life is very different right now and I have been very sad lately.  
I'm trying to adjust and its hard right now.  I just want to get into a routine that feels comfortable.  

* Get stuff ready for The Y
* Work on learning the signs to Amazing Grace
* make a hair appointment

Yard work (grass is coming up in the back yard.  I'm so excited.  Keep working on it)

I have the flu so the menu I had planned is being replace by what ever my husband throws together.  I might get back to it later in week.  

* plan a date night soon for David and I (did not get this done last week...still needs done)

3 things I’m thankful for today:
1.  Safety from God for Kristie and her flat tire
2.  Darius success with potty training
3.  My husband-who has been running our house the past few day as I have the flu.

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  1. Aw, I'm sorry you've got the flu right now! Hope it passes quickly, cuz momma's still gotta do what momma's gotta do!! =) Have a great week!