Thursday, April 22, 2010

Help me understand Lord

So we got a phone call last night telling us that a friend of Jelissas brother had committed suicide.  He was only Keisha age.  My heart has been broke all day long.  There are times in my life that I just don't get it.  

Obviously I don't know what might have been going through this young man mind, what could have been so bad that he would think that there was no where else for him to turn.

 Oh this world.  Things can be so hard.  My mind has wondered off to what this young mother must be going through right now.  What does a mother do or say when her 17 year old boy decides there is nothing to live for.  How does se comfort her only living daughter when she herself does not understand.  Can she have enough to give away when she is feeling so empty.  Lord, let it be you that she draws her strength from.  Give her exactly what she needs in this time when she has no idea what that is.  
I have no idea if the family are believer, I know Jelissa's friend, the daughter is.  Do they know the love of Christ tonight?  Are they leaning into Him when life is giving them no where else to lean tonight.  If they do not know you Lord I pray that tonight....this very moment that they find you.  

Lord I pray that this family is feeling you everywhere they turn.  I know that you are holding every tear that is falling I pray that you hold them even tighter.  

Father God, give me your eyes for just on second, give me your eyes so that I may see, Lord sometimes I don't understand, help me understand and when I don't help me to trust in you.   

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