Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Wedding Pictures

So, I truly did love my wedding.  David and I decided to have our wedding at Sunnyside Church, since this is where we were both attending, and I worked in the children's department, so it was free.  Free is very good.  We talked for hours about our wedding and what it would be like and decided to put more money into our honeymoon instead of the wedding.  
I still stand by this decision....some
The one thing that I regret the very most is that we did not hire someone to take pictures or video our wedding professionally.  When I started to ask around this was a cost at the time I did not want to have (800-1200 is best spent on a cruise).  I still agree :)
Starting our marriage with 3 beautiful daughters we figured that it would cost us more than we could afford to go on a cruise and be gone from home over 10 days with 5 people.  We needed to take our time than and go.  
I did have someone take snapshots at our wedding.  Bless her for doing it.  The pictures are not the best.  The lighting is not the best.  The people did not do what they should have been doing, but we have some pictures.  
The funny, well not so funny, thing is that the pictures are still on a disk.  I have finally downloaded them onto my computer and plan to send off for prints.  
I would like to see if I can fix them a little, so if anyone has some ideas....let me know.  

So without delay I show you the first picture, to be shown to the public taken at our wedding. 


  1. It's about time!! Great picture--but I had forgotten that you were ever blond. I'd be happy to play around with a few if you e-mail them to me...

    Also, some people (not me) can pull you out of the church, and put you in front of another background, like somewhere outside. Ask around...

  2. I will send you a couple pictures for sure Lindy. i never knew the background could be changed. I will look around. Thanks


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