Monday, April 5, 2010

A new day a new experience

It has been a interesting day.  I have to tell you that many tears have come up and I have been thinking about my decision all day.  So what is it that I'm talking about??????

I sent my kids to daycare today.  Yes, it's only 1 day a week.  Yes, it's a family from the church.  Yes, Darius and Cynthia had a great time, but that did not make it any easier.  I keep telling myself that it's just for a trial bases.   As of right now they are suppose to go back next Monday.

So did they have a great time?  Yes.  Did they behave themselves?  Yes.  Did they enjoy playing with the families own 10 kids?  Yes.  It was like going to candy store for kids.  There were toys everywhere, horses outside, baby chickens, rabbits, play ground, a swimming pool and much much more.  There was not a ton of breakable stuff everywhere.  It was one of the most kid friendly place I've ever taken my kids.  They have a bus (since they have so many kids) so Darius got to do the thing he wanted most of all.... ride on that bus.

Yes, they had fun.  Yes, they were safe.  Yes, it's still a trial bases.

Darius 3years old-Cutest boy

Cynthia 21 Months-Sweetest little Girl

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