Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Christmas Lights

Every year whether cold or warm we bundle up, get a hot drink and go driving around to look at Christmas lights.  It is one of those things that we do as a family were it does not matter if you are 2, 20 or much much older you enjoy.  This year we went out to look at lights with only the little kiddos.  Yes, I know we were missing 3 but we still went on a night that worked into our schedule and the girls were not home yet.

It still does not sit well with me to do things without J,K, and L but I'm learning that they are growing up and I am unable to plan every event around them anymore.  This is mainly because if I try to do this we will never go anywhere because they all 3 have different schedules.  This does not set well with me all the time but it is getting easier.

D and C had a great time looking at the lights.  There favorite house was the one where we turned our radio to a station and they told some of the Christmas story and different songs played.  The lights flashed to the beat of the music.  D asks every night to go and see the dancing lights.

Very excited to be going in the Van in our PJ's.  
D was tired of all the pictures and just wanted to go :)

Dancing Light House

It was way pass her bed time but she still was a precious little girl and had lots of fun too.

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