Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Christmas Tree

Yes, I know that I'm behind in my blog posts but I really need to finish up before the new year.

Putting up the Christmas tree is something that we have always done on Thanksgiving.  Normally I get up and put the turkey in, fix a big breakfast, clean up and begin setting up the tree while we wait for the turkey to be done.  That has been the tradition since we started celebrating holidays (thats another long story that I will one day share).  Anyways this year I decided that we were going to change that tradition because I was tired of rushing out the one holiday that has nothing to do with giving presents or recieving presents but instead a day we set aside to be thankful for those in our lives.  I decided that although I would like nothing more than to put up my tree after halloween, I was going to wait and start putting the tree up the Sunday following Thanksgiving.

That is exactly what we did, and I'm really glad that we set a new traditions, it made Thanksgiving a whole lot more focused on people and not on getting everything out.  Loved it.

Here are a few pictures from that Sunday :)

D loves his Joe Joe.  They have a very special relationship.  He misses her tons when she is gone.

That little boy loves his daddy!
We had the blessing of being able to keep Nickole's kids for a week during Thanksgiving.  They are great kids.  We enjoyed our time with them.

Cynthia not so happy about D taking things from her!
Cynthia was not sure about all the stuff that was coming out of the boxes but she joined in the fun quickly.  

David setting up the outside decorations
Those are my boys.  I love them so much.  They make me smile. 

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